6 Best Ways To Get Donation Online For WooCommerce

A variety of options are available to use the top WordPress donation plugins. Online donation is an efficient method to raise funds available to non-profit organizations, relief funds, charity assistance, and other special occasions. Additionally, it allows people to make online donations from any location worldwide without having to visit the fundraising office and the center for community services to learn more. It’s a method for people to make donations to your cause worldwide, with specific tools for managing a particular amount of money.

The donation WooCommerce plugin provides an intuitive way for fundraisers to manage their donations. Imagine you’ve created a site to collect money to support a charity, assistance, relief fund, or even social life. If so, these helpful tools let you proactively keep track of your donations and look at trends to create a specific plan for collecting contributions.

Below is a listing of WooCommerce donation plugins. It offers 6 top ways to make donations online through WooCommerce plugins.

list of 6 Best WooCommerce Donation Plugins

1. Woo Donations

WooDonation enables you to build a donation option with a particular amount on your WooCommerce site. It lets users donate a certain amount that they can afford. Additionally, it helps customers set up a specific product as a donation in the complete list of items. Customers can also look for an “Add Donation” field on the cart page and check out page.

A few of the characteristics are as follows:

  • Utilizing WooDonations, users can contribute to the checkout page and cart using the donation form
  • The user can set a specific amount  in the form
  • The user can adjust a certain amount for the user to be used for donations purposes.
  • A user can create the form for donations on any page of the site using an shortcode
  • It provides the option to place donation button text based on your requirements.
  • It will enable you to choose an item that is not tax-deductible and non-shipping for donations in the list.


2. YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YoTH Donations is a highly effective Premium WooCommerce plugin that lets users add donations as a product on your WooCommerce website. In addition, it allows to include a donation box on the cart page, or checkout page, allowing customers to make donations.

The most important features provided by this plugin are as follows:

  • Sets the minimum and maximum amount for donations.
  • Users can make donations through the product’s page
  • Generates Donation Reports
  • Fill out the form to donate as per your needs
  • Determine the amount of the gift.
  • Users can select a variety of payment options
  • It offers the possibility of changing the style and text of text.

3. Donation for WooCommerce

Donation to WooCommerce is an excellent WooCommerce plugin that allows donors to collect donations without charging transaction charges. It can also support “donation” as a complete WooCommerce product that will enable customers to add donations to their shopping cart and invest in them through the instant checkout process. You could eventually add an option for donations to your cart.

The purpose of a donation product allows you to manage multiple simultaneous fundraisers on your site. It simply displays an option to donate on the shopping cart page with pre-built values. It also allows users to add a custom amount of payment.

A few of the features of this plugin include:

  • Enable or Disable Donation Campaigns
  • The donation amount can be either fixed or customized. donation options
  • It gives you a range of donation campaign launching options
  • Offer a donation option on the checkout page or in the cart
  • what can place orders via the campaign’s name
  • Change the position of the symbol of currency

4. SUMO WooCommerce Donations

SUMO WooCommerce Donations is an advanced premium plugin for WooCommerce Platforms. With this plugin, you can include an option for customers to set up a donation on your WooCommerce website. It allows for an instant donation option and the fly box donation method. It can also display the donation form on the cart, product, or checkout page.

A few of the features of SUMO WooCommerce Donations are described below:

  • Modify the donation item on the list of products
  • The donation form is displayed on the cart page and the checkout page.
  • Incorporate the donation form into any website or post by using the shortcode
  • It supports both manual and automatic methods of donation.
  • Offers the option of requiring the user to donate automatically or manual donation choices
  • Provides the opportunity of giving the user free items as donation rewards to the user who donates.
  • Allows for customization of the fields for gifts and the styles
  • It gives you the option of applying a tax on donations made automatically.
  • Compatible with WPML

5. Custom User Defined Pricing for WooCommerce

Customized User-Defined Pricing (UDP) for WooCommerce lets customers define prices for products. This plugin for WooCommerce informs buyers to determine their pricing needs and accept standard donations.

An easy input is added where users can enter anything they would like to put into. You can also modify the plugin before delivering it to visitors who have it within their shopping carts or instantaneously purchase it from the product page. Also, it’s feasible if you wish to establish a minimum price on your product to ensure you don’t have to lose money. Additionally, you could set both limit values for maximum and minimum to ensure that they don’t choose an affordable price or a high price based on your customers’ needs. Additionally, you can recommend reasonable prices.

A few of the functions available as part of the WooCommerce that are customized User Defined Pricing in WooCommerce are described below.

  • Customers can pay for the amount they wish to pay.
  • All-inclusive prices are available from the shop or on the product page.
  • Create a price range using low or high values.
  • The minimum and suggested prices on the courier for the product.
  • Informs customers to add items to their cart, checkout, or the product’s page via the shop’s page.
  • This plugin employs simple or variable product types.

6. WooCommerce Donation Plugin

WooCommerce Donations Plugins is a top-quality plugin that lets you make donations like products you may decide to display in your catalog of products or exclude from the shop page. With the plugin, you can define pre-determined values that will provide users with simple buttons that they’ll click to add donations into their shopping cart for just $10 or $25, or any other amount you wish to include.

If you’d like to use this plugin to collect donations by yourself, you can also choose to add the “add a donation to your order” section on the checkout page. This plugin lets customers contribute a certain amount to their purchase while utilizing their payment requirements.


  • It offers customers the chance to give back on top-quality orders.
  • Simple reports provide you with the information needed to decide whether or not to go ahead with the donation program. It’s the best option to determine which donations are moving.
  • The donation field is a drop-down menu with built-in values or an unfilled area for donors to make their donations.
  • It provides better tracking and results in more effective campaigns.

Final Thoughts

In essence, deciding the most efficient plugin from the list above could be a challenging task. The following lists present the top six WooCommerce plugins that allow online donations to charities, non-profits, or fundraising opportunities that boost your company to the next level. So, you can select one of these donation plugins according to your needs and goals to keep the pace of progress in the marketplace for consumers