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7 Grass Wall Decor Concepts to Incorporate Greenery Into Your House


A home is not just an abode but a haven crafted with love and respect. Besides, it is one of the spaces that have witnessed the endless transformation, enriching history, and the life living amid it. So, how do you do justice to it? Do you incentivize the house with natural additions or leave it be? Well, this is a challenging question to answer. Let’s make this a bit easier for you. Consider installing grass walls to completely transform the area’s ambiance and add a natural feel. Grass and faux plants are some of the decor options for easy and low maintenance. 

empty white wooden bench beside green wall

While you scout the internet for fantastic grass wall decor ideas for exotic rich interior designs, here are a few ideas you must consider. 

Grass Wall For The Entryway

Greet your guests with freshness and energy while they enter your abode through the entryway. An increasingly famous spot within the home, your entryway walls can be designed in stylishly elegant ways. Designing for a cheerful vibe and eccentricity, try to set an ideal tone and mood for your house right from the entrance area. 

Customize the entryway with a console or bench that can match your decor. Moreover, consider adding focus lights to highlight a decor piece installed around the grass wall. 

Grass Wall For The Bathroom

It’s time to create a relaxing ambiance by integrating a grass wall into your bathroom. Natural or artificial plants make an ideal combination in bathroom decor. However, a combination of these with highlighted grass walls can stand out. 

In addition, it provides your bathroom with a vibrant pop of colors compared to the typical all-white bathroom. And it also makes for a design area that’s low maintenance, adding dynamism to the entire space. Balance out proportions to ensure the grass wall doesn’t overwhelm the whole area. 

Grass Wall For The Bedroom

When it comes to grass walls for your bedroom, what does it imply? Well, it introduces stimulation and carcasses. A grass wall can stimulate your senses and improve the look of your private space without much hassle and effort with synthetic grass wall decor ideas. Some greenery within the bedroom can produce a gentle refreshment and subtle calmness to the mind. 

Faux grass walls are yet another valuable addition to your kids’ bedroom. Easy to sustain and maintain, they can make your bedroom space peaceful and relaxing, allowing the kids to focus in a better way. So, pick a small bedroom area and highlight the walls with grass. Such a design will maintain harmony while producing an interactive space for the home’s occupants. 

Grass Wall For The Balcony

Did you know that a balcony is one obvious option for a grass wall in your house? Well, such an addition can change the entire look of the balcony from drab and dry to lively and bright. Having said that, it is the initial step to making an ideal DIY mini-garden. 

This does not end here. Consider dotting it with vibrant hanging pots or chimes to make it look more appealing and attractive. You could also lay a seat of your choice, hang some fairy lights, throw blankets and cushions, enjoy a peaceful evening with loved ones, and play your favorite music. 

Grass Wall For The Staircase

Since a staircase tends to break the levels of a house, it’s also an ideal place to transition between various feels and spaces. The dead walls of your staircase can be brought to existence and life with the utilization of grass walls that can create the appearance of vertical gardens. 

The staircase incline is a natural base for the design using various green tones. Lighting and decor pieces can also be installed over vertical grass walls to offer an aesthetic appeal and vibrancy. 

Grass Wall For The Accent Walls

While it’s a matter of personal choice when decorating accent walls, the essence of grass walls can work well to liven up any space in the house. Primarily when utilizing synthetic grass or turf for accent walls, choose to hang large paintings in an iconic mirror frame or neutral tones to balance out the green’s blank patch. 

Custom calligraphy with home decor signs or your favorite quote is another addition to a grass wall treated as an accent. Speaking of which, you can consider adding raw wood elements to pair well with all the surrounding greens for a rustic look.

Grass Wall For The Deck

The deck is where you would want to spend your quiet time reflecting on the day. But, when it concerns its supremacy or intricacy levels, such a space has to be at par with your psychological understanding. As a result, it is time for you to enhance the look of your patio, porch, and deck using grass walls. These walls can blend with the environment or stand out from the other elements. On the other hand, artificial fibers are extremely weather resistant and a good choice for outdoor grass walls

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