A Simple Guide to Writing a Perfect Essay About Yourself for a Job

You apply for your dream job after years of struggle at college. Your educational qualifications are perfect for the job. You have internship experiences relevant to this job as well.

Yet, you don’t land the interview, let alone the job offer.

Understand one thing. Employers receive about 118 job applications every day. All of them have almost the same qualifications as yours. All the applications claim to be worthy of the job just like yours.

So, the question is: How to set your job application apart from the rest?

The answer is through a perfectly-written essay along with the application. The essay can also be in the form of a personal statement or a cover letter.

This essay is the most efficient way to draw your recruiter’s attention. It not only reflects your skills, qualification and calibre but also earns the trust of your recruiters. The essay is your last chance to convince the readers that you are worth their time.

Let’s check out this simple guide to writing a precise essay about yourself for a job.

What Makes a Good Job Application Essay?

According to essay ghost writers in the USA, the perfect job application essay is not about what you write in it but how you write it. It is all about communicating with the right set of words with your recruiters. Here are the factors that make a job application essay successful.

Accurate formatting

Formatting guidelines for a typical job application essay are:

  • Single-spaced with one space between the paragraphs
  • At least one full page in length
  • Add an extra page if you have more professional experiences

Specific information

Avoid beating around the bush, considering recruiters are super busy people.

  • Get rid of vague and general phrases
  • Provide a specific description of your qualifications, skills and experience
  • Use your unique voice to convey your expertise in the field


You should know which points to mention and the ones to exclude.

  • Use only the best three or four points to draw your recruiter’s interest
  • Present each point in a well-structured paragraph
  • Write about the skills that can benefit the organisation you are applying at

String together all these factors to create an interesting personal essay.

How to Write a Successful Essay about Yourself for the Job?

Like any other assignment help, the job application also consists of three essential elements- an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Let’s check out what each element should consist of.

  1. Introduction

Confidence is the key to earning your recruiter’s trust. Write a confident and informative self-introduction to compel your recruiter to read the rest of your essay.

What to include in the opening paragraph?

  • The position you are applying for– You have less than 6 seconds to convince your readers to read the rest of the essay. Make it clear to your recruiters from the beginning about the position you want to apply for.
  • The reason why you want the job– This is your chance to convey your interest or passion for the job you are applying for.
  • Provide subtle hints regarding the rest of the essay– Write phrases such as ‘experience in marketing or ‘interested in coding’ to let your readers know what to expect from the rest of the essay. This also shows that you value others’ time.

Set the tone of the overall essay right in the opening paragraph. Keep it formal and confident. Focus on your strengths unless you want the recruiter to remember your weakness after reading the essay.

  1. Educational qualifications

Are you a recent graduate with not enough professional experience to show? Then you should write about your educational achievements first, followed by professional experience (if any).

It is a misconception that recruiters are interested in all your academic achievements. Instead, they are interested in the achievements that contribute to their organisation. For instance, let’s say you have earned your Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. But you are applying for the job of a content writer. Thus, you have to convey your achievements related to this field.

Besides mentioning the relevant skills and knowledge that you gathered from academics, you should also discuss the versatility of your course. For instance, you should discuss the communication or leadership skills that the course taught you. Talk about the extracurricular activities that you participated in and would value for the job you are applying for.


I have earned my Master’s in English from a reputed Australian university. But alongside that, I have also enrolled in several online courses on Comparative Literature, Copywriting and Creative Writing to acquire the skills and expertise required for this job role. I believe my knowledge in this field would help the organisation achieve its goals more efficiently.

  1. Employment details

Include this section if you have prior professional experience relevant to the job you are currently applying for. You must organise your employment history chronologically. But, recruiters usually focus on the last four years of experience. It doesn’t have to be a replica of your employment history on the CV. Instead, you can develop a single idea and begin the paragraph with a relevant topic sentence.

Discuss the most valuable experiences in this section and show how those experiences made you a better fit for the job. Talk about the skills and knowledge your experiences provided you with.


I worked as an intern at three different organisations throughout my course. I worked as an assistant content writer, a technical writer and a copywriter during my graduation. The internships helped me get familiar with multiple types of content, thereby gaining expertise in blogs, articles, guest posts and other forms of content writing.

  1. Conclusion

By this part of the essay, your recruiters know the job you want to apply for and why you want to do so. They know about your academic achievements and prior professional experiences. They are also aware of the skills and knowledge you have gathered from the experiences. So, the conclusion is where you finally convince the reader to choose you for the interview. This section is your last chance to impress your recruiters and convince them to contact you.

There are three crucial elements to include in the conclusion. There should be relevant to your resume. Place your contact details in this section. And most importantly, request an interview politely. Let the recruiters know that they can reach you at their convenience.


I have attached my resume to the email, which consists of further information about my academic and professional qualifications. I believe I could be a valuable addition to your company. So, I am requesting you schedule an interview for this job at your convenience. You can reach me any day through WhatsApp or email ID.

Wrapping Up,

You have to stand out amidst the piles of job applications if you want to thrive in the competitive workforce. And the best way to stand unique is through a well-written job application essay. The essay includes but is not limited to your academic achievements and professional experiences. It should reflect your skills, knowledge, and interest in the job you are applying for.

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