A tyre can be very expensive but it is also a very important component of your vehicle. Cars cannot drive themselves they need tyres to roll, brake and offer steering handling. Continental Tyres Southampton offer the best performance, safety and exhilarating driving experience.  But how do we find a right? Let us discuss that.


What to consider?

Picking a tyre is a very important part of being a car owner. If your tyre does not have the right fit tyre that compliments your driving, your vehicle won’t be able to perform. The road condition and weather conditions also need consideration before you put your hands on a Tyres Southampton

Type of tyre

You can purchase either a tube tyre or a tubeless tyre. However, we suggest going with the tubeless tyre. We know that they can be a bit more expensive than a tube tyre but they are a much safer option. Tubeless tyres offer reinforcement walls that offer support even with a punctured tyre. Whereas, tube tyres do not offer such support and lose all their control causing hazardous accidents. In addition to that tubeless tyres are repairable and have cheap maintenance whereas tube tyres require immediate replacement because they are non-repairable and have high maintenance. 

Size of the tyre

You can find the size of the tyre in your car manual as well as the sidewalls of the tyre. However, people choose to purchase a larger size but it will only impact your vehicle and reduces the durability of the tyre.

(iii)Tread width

The treads are an important aspect of a tyre and so is their width. A larger width helps you access inaccessible lands such as grasslands, deserts, beaches etc. They offer great performance while off-roading. However, it is not true for regular city roads as they can affect the performance of the vehicle and fuel efficiency.

(iv)Tread pattern

The tread is an important part of the vehicle because they offer traction. The traction allows the tyre to accelerate the vehicle. It also prevents the possibility of hydroplaning. Manufacturers offer different kinds of treads to enhance performance in different conditions. They are:

Symmetric tread pattern tyres

Because of the similar tread pattern throughout the tyre, symmetric tyres are famous among the passenger. This also makes them easy to mount. They are the most common tread pattern also because they curb the noise and allow the vehicle to move in the desired direction.

Asymmetric tread pattern tyres

Because of the two tread patterns, asymmetric tread pattern tyres have better stability and traction which is why they are famous on race tracks. While the inner tread prevents hydroplaning, the outer tread offers traction. This brilliant combination helps in offering stability while cornering even at a high-speed rating.

Directional tread pattern tyres

The uni-direction tread pattern as the name suggests moves only in one direction. Because of this, they need mounting in a particular direction. The arrowhead marking suggests the direction of mounting. This also helps the tyre to move in snow and mud. 

Weather condition

The changing weather condition can affect your tyres and lead to their malfunctioning. Because of this, there are different kinds of tyres that offer the best result only in certain weather conditions. 

Summer tyres

The summer tyres are most suitable in temperatures above 7°C. Their width tread blocks offer better stability and traction on hot pavement. They also offer a better speed rating than any other tyre.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are best for places where the temperature drops below 7°C. Because of their deep treads and wide width, they offer great traction on snow and icy roads. 

All-season tyres

The all-season tyres are the most common because they are suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions. But these tyres cannot sustain in extreme weather.

Rubber quality 

The tyre is a composition of polymer and different chemical compounds. The chemical compound used in it helps decide its efficiency in different weather compounds. You can say summer and winter tyres have different chemical compounds which is why they do not get hard in winter and soft in summer. 

Apart from the chemical compound, a quality polymer of a tyre is also necessary. It decides the durability of the tyre and its strength. A quality tyre is also resistant to overheating. The continuous friction between the tyre and the road can create a heating effect. This can lead to tyre blowouts or failure. 


The durability of the tyre not only depends on the heat resistance quality. It also needs proper care and maintenance. Also, make sure that the tyre you purchase is not older than 6 months. You can find the weak and years of manufacturing on the sidewalls of the tyre. 

If you also need tyre replacement make sure you pick a tyre that is suitable to your requirements. We offer Tyres Southampton with different tread patterns, tread widths, weather conditions and sizes. Our top priority is to full fill our customer’s requirements so they never leave with disappointment.

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