Automate Attendance with Workforce Management Software

Imagine handling the attendance of 100 employees of your organization accurately.

It sounds like a perfect horror movie, right?


Well, workforce management software is here to help you have sweet dreams. Because with the system, you can truly work and sleep peacefully without worrying about attendance accuracy. 


With the automation of attendance, the working of the manager and employees gets simplified, and a better workflow emerges. In addition, it helps to reduce the paperwork and the time required to manage it.


Continue reading the article to learn how attendance automation can benefit your workforce.

Challenges Companies Face Related to Employees’ Attendance

Poor Attendance Tracking

Managers generally record attendance manually when they are not trained to work smartly. However, it might work for small organizations of 15-20 people. But in well-established companies with hundreds of employees, recording attendance manually is impossible. The problem intensifies when dealing with on-field employees. 


But this does not negate the fact that a company needs to keep an accurate record of its employees for payroll purposes and to determine the productivity and performance of its workforce.

Accuracy of Attendance Marked

Humans are prone to make mistakes. While recording attendance manually, managers or supervisors are bound to make errors. Not only managers but often employees can mark faulty attendance in the form of buddy punching. Or, field employees have informed their managers that they have reached the client’s location but are still in bed. This further affects the workflow of the managers and other employees. Therefore, this adversely affects the company’s data collection.

Time Consuming Process

Field employees constantly complain about traveling to the office daily to mark their attendance. It is proving to be time and fuel-consuming for them. And is harming their time as a majority of their time is spent in the office waiting in queues to mark attendance. The leftover time is insufficient for them to meet their deadlines. Thus they are forced to work overtime to meet deadlines.

Time theft

On average, an employee steals 4 hours and 5 minutes every week. It occurs through unauthorized clocking in and out and employees rounding time up. It can cost companies a large amount as employees will fail to meet their work goals but will get paid the full salary. This is unfair to honest employees and might even discourage them. This is only possible when a proper attendance recording system is not in place.


Shift Scheduling or Task Assignment

Managers have difficulty scheduling shifts in manufacturing units or assigning tasks without knowing the present or on leave employee count. Doing so without knowing will only waste managers’ time poured into forming and assigning tasks.


To avoid this mishap, attendance automation is the answer. 


What is an Automated Attendance System

An automated attendance system is a magical power each manager requires to solve the issue of recording accurate attendance. With the help of efficient workforce management software, employees can mark their attendance on the go. This will help to save time, cost, and energy spent manually working and recording data. 


How Can Workforce Management Software Help?

A good workforce management system is supposed to ease manager and employee workload. By offering an attendance management solution, the system reduces the stress on managers and field forces of recording and marking accurate attendance. 


Attendance Solution


  • Remote Attendance: The option to mark attendance remotely is a time savior for on-field employees. This saves their time and eliminates their daily stress while traveling to the office. In addition, it helps them increase their productivity since they can save some extra time.
  • Geo-coded Attendance: this feature truly makes the manager happy as it guarantees the accuracy of the attendance marked. With the geocoded feature, the managers can only mark their attendance when they reach the first place of the task.
  • Visual Verification: if the manager is still not convinced, he can request visual verification. Each picture would have the employees’ real-time longitude and latitudes.
  • Task and Attendance linking: this feature allows the managers to get an automated update on the task update of employees. This removes the need for them to call and check on their employees constantly. Instead, through the application, they could see the task update in real time.
  • Productivity Report: with automated real-time productivity reports, the managers can instantly see which employee is present or on leave. Also, these reports measure each employee’s productivity and performance quality.


Leave Solution

With the help of workforce management software, field employees can apply for leave remotely through the application. In case of an emergency, they can’t travel to the office to inform their managers; in such cases, the application comes into use. This applies to in-office employees who need to take an emergency leave, but the manager is busy in a meeting. 


Managers benefit from it as they no longer need to interact with employees over leaves. They can, in a wink, accept or reject their leave request over the admin app. The best part is that the employees will be notified about the status of their leave requests.


Advantages of Automating the Attendance

Automating your attendance system comes with heaps of benefits. It will help managers avoid errors and enable employees to operate more productively. We have listed multiple benefits below for you to read:



Automating attendance helps the managers and organization collect accurate data, which will help in reducing errors usually found in manual entries. In addition, the accuracy of the attendance data helps the manager allocate tasks and determine payroll and performance. 

Cost Effective

An efficient attendance system is essential for companies to work cost-effectively. For example, the managers could prevent employees from buddy punching through the system. As a result, companies can save money on misuse of time and absenteeism.

Maximize Productivity

Manually recording and managing companies’ attendance is laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. Plus, companies need to hire employees to manage these records. However, implementing an automated attendance management system can skip all of this.


As the system can automatically track employees’ attendance, it saves a lot of manual time and effort that can be used for productive jobs.


Managers can accurately report every employee’s absences, hours worked, and overtime with a few clicks. This will help to improve transparency within the company. In addition, managers, through these reports, will get a better understanding of the working workforce.

Task Management

Integrating an attendance automation system offers good data visibility and helps managers assign tasks accordingly. They will allocate tasks to all those present and according to their capabilities.

Time Efficiency

Adapting to the latest technology for recording accurate attendance has transformed the workspace. As it reduces the time consumed manually recording and managing the paperwork, the employees have a better chance of meeting their deadlines. Even managers have sufficient time to form further strategies.


Automate the Attendance Management system with TrackoField

Workforce management software is beneficial for both managers and employees. Not only attendance but many other operations of the company get automated, which helps the workforce work more effectively. In addition, it has drastically reduced the errors made while recording attendance manually. 


TrackoField is one of the best attendance management software in the country. It offers features and tool which automates attendance along with many other meagre and laborious tasks of the company. 

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