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The prolonged bullish trend in 2021 and subsequent “crypto winter” since the outset of 2022 in the financial world has made the world aware of cryptocurrency. The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has welcomed the emergence of a number of cryptocurrency wallets offering different features to manage your crypto assets. This has also increased the risk of security breaches and theft. To manage and protect your crypto funds efficiently you need a simple and secure crypto wallet. To help you out with this we have compiled the list of best crypto wallets 2022 where you can store and manage your digital assets, simply and securely. 

Best Crypto Wallets 2022

Here is the list of top crypto wallets:


The world’s first keyless crypto wallet ZenGo has replaced the use of private keys with threshold signatures that creates two “mathematical secrets shares” stored on your mobile and wallet’s server respectively. Founded by Gary Benattar, Ouriel Ohayon, Omer Shlomovits, and Tal Be’ery in 2018 non-custodial mobile cryptocurrency wallet support 70+ cryptocurrencies.

Chill Storage is the unique feature introduced by ZenGo, in which the system backs up the user data on the user’s personal cloud storage, which is then stored on the ZenGo server. Users can restore the lost data by logging into the cloud account to access the backed-up, encrypted “Client Share” using biometric authentication. ZenGO has made wallet recovery as simple as never before. If you lose your data due to a phone crash or other reasons, you can restore your account by just scanning your face with its 3D biometric face map feature.

Ledger Nano X

It is the best XRP cold wallet to manage your crypto assets. Ledger Nano X as a hardware wallet stores your virtual assets in offline cold storage to protect your data from a potential online breach. With the sleekly-designed small pen drive-like device you can access your wallet by connecting it to your computer or mobile through Bluetooth. It stores your private keys to help you restore your wallet in case you lose all your data. The large digital screen of Nano X makes it easy for users to manage more than 5500 coins and NFTs. Built with a certified “secure chip” to keep your digital assets out of hackers’ reach.

Phantom Wallet

It is the web-based best wallet for Solana NFT, which functions as a browser extension to facilitate the transfer and storage of crypto assets. As a hot wallet, it is best known for working as an intermediary for the Solana blockchain, ensuring smooth buying, selling, trading, and management of SOL as well as other crypto tokens. The wallet’s web extension is available for browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, 

Solflare Wallet

One of the best wallets to buy Solana, Solflare allows users to buy, send, stake, swap, and trade cryptocurrencies from their mobile app. It also equips the users to connect their wallet with hardware wallets like Ledger, Solana dApps, and DeFi protocols. Being the first wallet developed on the Solana platform, the user-friendly non-custodial wallet is designed to work in the Solana ecosystem. The wallet owns 24% of the whole Solans (SOL)  in circulation. It has worked extensively to beef up the security of your funds by introducing a 24-word mnemonic phrases security feature.


As a software wallet, Guarda is the lateral entry in the list of top crypto wallets, qualifying all the security prerequisites. The wallet supports 400,000+ cryptocurrencies, allowing users to buy, store, and swap them through a desktop client or smartphone. Users can also earn rewards by staking a wide range of crypto assets on Guarda. Mobile-based Face ID authentication and Multi-signature wallets are the security measures of the wallet. Although the user interface is quite easy for beginners, its high fees for in-app crypto purchases may not appeal to everyone.


For the last decade, Electrum has been the number one Bitcoin-only wallet, allowing users to buy, sell, swap, store, and trade their digital assets. The open-source wallet enables users to send and receive bitcoin assets over the Lightning Network. Better known as one of the best crypto wallets 2022 for bitcoin, it features ultra-secure cold storage and multi-signature wallets which define its compatibility with hardware wallets. Launched in 2011 the wallet is suitable for experienced investors and traders fit for using advanced features. 


Pick the best crypto wallets 2022 from the above list that suits your investment requirement and give you world-class trading and security features. For Bitcoin users, the Electrum wallet is unequivocally the natural choice due to its exclusive support for the currency, while the Solflare wallet makes the most when used in the Solana ecosystem. With its “Chill Storage” and “Client Share” features ZenGo is the unopposed winner in terms of security of funds. Guarda wallet cannot be overlooked by the crypto users who prefer to trade using smartphones.

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