Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards in 2022

If you’re perusing this article, you’ve likely understood that phenomenal paddle boards are one of the most adaptable and fun approaches to investigating streams, lakes, and seas. Like us, you’ve presumably additionally seen that a 9 to 11-foot hardboard is excessively cumbersome to take on your movements. Luckily, there’s a compelling reason to rush out and purchase a 4×4 to move your new paddle board because inflatable SUP boards are the fate of this sporting water sport. Not exclusively are they significantly more lightweight and simpler to convey than their fiberglass rivals? Still, their strong water/airproof development, smooth-out forming, and extra highlights hold neither common sense nor usefulness. The best inflatable paddle boards offer a lightweight and compact elective, giving hardboards a decent run for their cash. Irocker is offering the best quality SUP and inflatable paddle board and gear. Also, get a 30% discount using the Irocker Coupon Code while purchasing the paddle boards and accessories.

Around here at Cool of the Wild, we comprehend that you’re excessively bustling, getting waves and investigating inlets to explore every inflatable paddle board available. That is the reason we’ve put down our paddles to do the exploration and make this rundown of the best inflatable SUP boards of 2022.

The best inflatable paddle boards in 2022

1) Sealion 10’6″ Otago Inflatable SUP Board

Best for: amateurs

Sealion Boards is the main paddle boarding brand we’ve run over that is taking a few positive actions towards making low natural effect boards. The Sealion 10’6″ Otago flaunts normal and inexhaustible Yulex get handles and a Bloom green growth deck pad, which decreases the utilization of petrol-based materials. The principal body of the board is as yet made utilizing plastic-based materials; however, it’s an extremely certain beginning and a magnificent positive development.

Regarding getting on the water, the Otago is a wonderful decision for fledgling paddlers because of its sporting shape and wide 33″ plan, which is exceptionally steady and simple to move. Furthermore, the high malleable drop line development gives great unbending nature to rowing in additional difficult circumstances. There are likewise bungees and D-rings for conveying gear on longer, more valiant undertakings.


  • Utilizes some eco-accommodating materials
  • Incredible for novices
  • Loads of extra room for gear


  • Not particularly fit to cutting edge paddlers

2) Bluefin Cruise 10.8 SUP

Best for all-over use

The recently better Bluefin Cruise 10.8 SUP is one of the most adaptable SUP bundles available. With enough capacity for short-term setting up camp, heavenly following and security in even the most precarious circumstances, and the capacity to change direction quickly, it’s an optimal choice for an assortment of rowing experiences. Novice and high-level paddlers the same will cherish that it is so natural to set up and utilize, and because it’s so lightweight for its size, it’s not difficult to take to faraway places as well.

Be that as it may, what truly separates the Cruise from different choices on our rundown, is its capacity to be paddled like a kayak. The kayak change pack is a doddle to cut onto the highest point of the board for an option rowing position – particularly helpful in breezy circumstances. Moreover, the board is solid with a long-term guarantee. The bundle incorporates a rucksack convey case, siphon, a second paddle to switch over completely to a kayak paddle, a maintenance unit, a wound chain, and a removable blade—a profoundly engaging choice for quite a long time of paddle-controlled fun.


  • Great worth
  • Simple to turn
  • Incorporates kayak change pack
  • Entirely steady
  • Flexible


  • We’re looking!

3) Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP

However, not the most lightweight stand-up paddle board on our rundown, the 14kg Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP is a fantastic decision for novices searching for a flexible and stable board. Aquaplanet is the main paddle boarding brand in the UK and offers great worth boards without rationing quality. What’s more, the Rockit is no special case, flaunting built-up side-walls and drop join development.

The Rockit misses the mark on level of mobility, making it somewhat of a tank to turn. Be that as it may, this can be an or more for fledglings whose fundamental concern is keeping adjusted and going straight! Moreover, the kayak change pack adds a lot of flexibility. Deciding on a fledgling SUP with a kayak seat and paddle is easy, as I would see it!


  • Tracks well (remains straight!)
  • Stable
  • Adaptable
  • Extraordinary all-rounder
  • Incorporates kayak change unit


  • Not so lightweight as different boards in its group
  • Not particularly flexibility

4) Red Paddle Co Voyager 13.2 Paddle Board

Best for visiting and setting up camp

At 13.2 feet long and 30 inches wide, the Voyager 13.2 is the longest top-of-the-line inflatable paddle board on our rundown. Highlights are worth the extra spend, assuming you plan to invest days at an energy haggling on the water. Bragging a ton of gear connection focuses and upgraded soundness, this top-notch SUP is great for multi-day SUP setting up camp excursions and visiting. However, it is one of the more expensive choices, and the Voyager offers include that you actually won’t find on lower-end SUPS. These incorporate the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) that is interesting to Red Paddle Co. Secures are embedded into the 5.9-inch side walls of the SUP to expand the solidness of the board by up to 40%. This empowers heavier burdens and individuals (up to 150kgs/330lbs) to be carried on the board without compromising rate and solidness.

Execution-wise, the Voyager takes off greatly through level waters – cruising with a simple speed that wildly rivals ocean kayaks. On rough water, it slices through effortlessly, in any event, when the board is completely stacked with gear.


  • Heaps of stuff connection focus
  • Profoundly steady when stacked with weight
  • Exceptionally quick on level water
  • long term guarantee


  • Expensive

5) iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board

Best for fledglings

The iROCKER Nautical offers a steady stage for fledglings to grasp the game. This wide 32″ board is exceedingly challenging to flip, and its huge hold cushion will keep your feet immovably planted while you track down your equilibrium. Additionally, the three flip-lock blades imply that it is versatile for different water conditions. The Nautical truly sparkles regarding maneuverability, making it a flexible board for sluggish streams, lakes, or quiet oceans.

Although the iRocker is ideal for novices, its bungee freight lashes and D-ring connections make it an agreeable choice for visiting. Its double-layer military-level drop fastens development making the iRocker Nautical very sturdy. Yet, on the off chance that something besides ordinary mileage ends up enduring the iRocker’s intense shell, then, at that point, don’t overreact — a 1-year guarantee covers the item.

The iRocker inflatable paddle board isn’t the least expensive thing on our rundown; however, for the nature of materials and extra elements, for example, a convey knapsack, double activity hand siphon, and flexible fiberglass paddle, we believe it truly deserved its sticker price.


  • Entirely steady plan
  • Profoundly maneuverable
  • Sensible Price
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • The siphon can be somewhat volatile

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