Best Schools in Canada for International Students

Canadian educational institutions that provide high school education to both Canadian and international students are world-renowned for the quality of their teaching, modern facilities, and extracurricular activities. The Canadian education system’s high school programme is well suited to preparing high school students to enrol in the world’s top universities.

Diplomas from Canadian high schools and other equivalent qualifications benefit from a safe and stable political system, in addition to the high quality of their knowledge imparting methods. Furthermore, with low tuition fees, Canadian high schools pose no major obstacles for international students looking to live and study in Canada on a budget.

Because of the numerous affiliations they have with world-class educational institutions, these high schools provide a variety of opportunities for international students. These also aid students’ university preparation. Furthermore, the Canadian secondary education degree or qualification is internationally recognized and will not interfere with the student’s university education.

These are the main advantages enjoyed by international high school students in Canada. Let us now look at the types of high schools in the country that accept international students.

Canadian School Types

There are two types of schools in Canada: public schools (which include state-funded Catholic schools) and private schools (also called boarding schools). While Canadian public schools are excellent in terms of teaching quality and low tuition costs, private schools are more prestigious and expensive.

Despite being more expensive than public schools in the country, Canadian private schools are less expensive than boarding schools in Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom, making them a popular choice among international students.

The Top 5 International High Schools in Canada

The top 5 Canadian schools in the best Canadian cities that offer admission to high school programmers to international students are listed below:

Rosseau University

Rosseau Lake College is a private boarding school in the province of Ontario, located on the shores of Lake Rosso. It has approximately 150 students, with more than 40% being international students. The only language spoken here is English. It is considered to be  one of the best high schools in canada

This school has extensive lush-green gardens with a wide variety of flora and fauna that inspire students’ hearts and minds to embrace environmental literacy. Furthermore, the school has an outstanding track record, with over 90% of its graduates being admitted to some of the world’s top universities.

Popular extracurricular activities available here include music, drama, and photography. The school emphasises both the academic and personal development of the child by taking them out into the world on occasion to broaden their horizons.

Columbia International University

Columbia International College, located in Hamilton, Ontario, is the country’s largest boarding school. It is frequently regarded as one of Canada’s best high schools. Every student at the school receives a personalised Personal Success Plan based on their learning intensity and duration, their dream university for undergraduate studies, the core subjects they studied in each semester, and their academic strengths. To understand the standard of education here, students can access their free printable alphabet worksheets.

Research in Canada

The institute has admitted a large number of students from countries other than Canada to its private high school. With this in mind, the faculty has created a special Total Care Education System for international students to improve their academic, athletic, creative, and psychological pursuits in a new country and become on par with the Canadians in their class.

The school board places a high value on students’ admission rates to world-class universities such as Imperial College, the University of Hong Kong, and King’s College. This is reflected in their 100% admission rate, which attracts a large number of international students to the high school.

Shawnigan Lake Brookes

This institute is one of the top 30 prestigious secondary schools in Canada and the province of British Columbia. The faculty pays special attention to each of the nearly 450 students. The school fosters a welcoming environment in which students and faculty alike learn the value of mutual respect.

A cosmopolitan environment benefits the students. The school is well-known for its chefs, who prepare dishes from a variety of cuisines. There is also an emphasis on physical activities. The school has many sports teams that have won national awards under the direction of the best coaches.

Furthermore, the school provides a variety of other creative activities for students to help them discover and develop their talents so that they can be admitted to some of the best universities.

Ridley College

This high school, located in St. Catharines, Ontario, has over 600 students, with about 20% of them coming from other countries. At the picturesque campus, students can enjoy the best of both worlds: excellent academic facilities for learning about technology, business, art, and design, as well as recreational activities to unwind and sports infrastructure to stay fit.

This school’s graduates are all accepted into the best universities in Canada and the United States. High school programmes include high school education with and without AP courses (which allow students to advance their knowledge in a specific subject) and International Baccalaureate.

Bodwell High School

Every year, approximately 650 students from over 40 countries attend Bodwell High School in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The institute’s culturally rich and diverse environment makes it one of the best high schools in Canada, ideal for learning, having fun, playing sports, and making lifelong friends.

The school also provides scholarships to students to assist them with their university education. The high school prepares its graduates to be successful professionals in a variety of fields by developing individuals with strong leadership skills, academic capabilities, creativity, and initiative.


Students can prepare for their future careers by developing personal and professional skills in specific areas of interest while attending Canadian high schools. To be admitted to these high schools, international students must submit a motivation letter, proof of English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL score), and a previous school report, among other requirements.

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