Advantages Of Commercial Locks For Your Business

Any corporate operation must include security. You must take all the required steps to protect your company. This includes protecting your company’s assets. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the simplest is to ensure your doors are closed and secured with trustworthy industrial locks.

As a reputable commercial locksmith in Maryland, USA, Makey Locksmith can supply the locks you require to safeguard your property adequately. There are specific locks that would make more sense for one sort of business than others because every business and property is unique. The professionals at Makey Locksmith can assist you in selecting the lock that complements your house.


Disc locks

A knob lock is the most typical kind of lock. These are often placed on the doorways of buildings such as homes and offices. The safety is located on the doorknob, typically a transparent button knob that rotates and locks the door into place when closed. These commercial locks can help secure closet or bathroom doors and are simple, but there are better options for workplaces, entranceways, or other locations requiring greater security.

Knocks on a lever handle

Like knob locks, lever handle locks enclose the door with a simple button or lever that can find on the handle. Like knob locks, they are easily smashed by burglars and would be most effective as commercial locks for closet or bathroom doors rather than doors to restricted areas.


Makey Locksmith can install a lock on any door to guarantee greater security. To provide an additional bolt that may lock into place in addition to the safety currently on your door, deadbolts can be fitted above or below a knob or handle. A key is required to unlock a deadbolt from the outside. For protecting offices, restaurants, or retail spaces from the inside, deadbolts are appropriate.

Electronic locks

Keyless entry locks and combination of commercial locks are other names for digital locks. These locks require a combination typed in when the lock is first installed to open. It is possible to alter this combination for security reasons. The protection you need can be found with digital locks because burglars trying to open your door won’t know your variety. You may manage entry to any room with a smart commercial lock. On front and back entry doors, digital locks are a popular option. These doors can be opened without a key, giving you easy access while keeping others out. Digital locks will likely be present outside office buildings or larger retail establishments with multiple entrances. Get in touch with Makey Locksmith for locksmith hyattsville md services, including installing digital locks.

Digital Card Locks

Electronic card locks, like digital locks, use cutting-edge technology to unlock doors without a key. Instead, your electronic card will serve as your key, and to open the door, you must tap or swipe it over the lock. These cards will have a chip or a strip that can be read by the coil, which will release the door. Electronic card locks are frequently used in hotels and apartment buildings to ensure access is restricted to employees only. Still, you can also utilize them outside office buildings and more extensive corporate facilities. You can open these doors with multiple cards thanks to Makey Locksmith ability to duplicate card keys.

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