Does Dettol Dominate in the Hygiene Category? If Yes, Why?

When it comes to hygiene, Dettol is one of the most trusted brands, with millions of users worldwide using it. The company is well-known for creating anti-infection products. Dettol is renowned for its rapid action on bacteria that divide every 20 minutes. Every household diligently follows floor cleaning as the fundamental exercise for a clean and healthy home.

Using Dettol liquid for mopping can help to keep germs at bay in our homes. Chloroxylenol, a powerful disinfectant, is the active ingredient in Dettol liquid 5 ltrChloroxylenol is commonly found in antibacterial soaps and disinfectants. It is more potent than phenol when it comes to antimicrobial properties. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, and algae.

How Does Dettol Dominate the Hygiene Category?

Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd. owns the most well-known household brand, Dettol. In today’s world, where our planet is battling the deadliest bacteria and viruses, it has become unavoidable for people to protect themselves by using hygienic cleaning solutions. Dettol has unquestionably been the most dominant disinfectant brand helping people stay safe.

Dettol has been around since 1933 and was first used in hospitals. Dettol disinfectant products are safe, simple, and effective. Skin cleansers, surface disinfectants, plaster strips, shaving creams, sanitisers, body wash, soaps, and laundry disinfectants are some of the products offered by Dettol.

Their presence in the domain for over 80 years is attributed to several factors. Consistent and credible brand advertising strategies have also helped to influence viewers from various backgrounds. The brand has become synonymous with a distinct identity of keeping our families healthy.

Dettol has been the choice of many due to its transparent price range, natural aromas, different packaging sizes as per the need, reliability, and benefits of disinfection. According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) of India, Dettol continued to be the top brand with 19,5302 ad impressions, with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid contributing to 29,903 ad impressions. Recently, the brand also reported an increasing number of first-time users.

As many people stayed home during the pandemic, they observed a four-fold increase in the sales of their products. For around 13 years in a row, the Dettol brand has been consistently ranked among the top 10 trusted brands in the country. It has ruled the disinfectant market and continues to deliver through its varied product portfolio. Dettol liquid 5ltr is the most preferred disinfectant for homes and is available online on their official website.


Dettol is known for its standard. One of the most popular disinfectant products in India includes Dettol liquid 5ltr. It is budget-friendly and has the goodness of disinfecting homes for healthy living. Dettol has remained the gold standard in hygiene, disinfectants and germ protection. When it comes to cleanliness, Dettol has always been one of the best products across all households in the country.

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