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Yeola Paithani is made of high-quality Silk and is among the most lavish sarees available in India. Paithani is so well-known that it’s now a standard to have each Maharashtrian woman to own at minimum a Paithani dress in their wardrobe. In the past, Paithani sarees are part of the dress for all Maharashtrian brides. A Maharashtrian wedding would not be complete without Paithani.

Paithani is a symbol of the rich culture and traditions of Maharashtra. Paithani is a treasured legacy passed down over generations. In the past, this was worn by royals only. Paithani is a saree that is hand-woven that is adorned with a lavish and ornamental Zari (gold as well as sterling threads) border and pallu, which makes it one of the most expensive sarees in India. Semi Paithanis are made in a high-quality manner today. It is made entirely by machine using a blend with Silk as well as other types of yarn, which makes it accessible to everyone.

Paithani ,Maharashtra, provides the widest selection of original hand-woven Paithani. Our selection includes custom-made on-demand Paithani and machine-made Yeola silk Sarees (Semi Paithani), and Cotton Paithani at the best price in the market. It is rare to get these sarees at the same price elsewhere.

Only Paithani provides you with a broad selection in Paithani Silk Sarees featuring intricate designs, such as Peacock designs, Tota-Maina patterns, Hans motifs, Lotus designs, Raj Hanse motifs, Mango motif, Flower motifs, and various other designs with multiple colors. They are very popular due to their classic values. They can provide you with the lavishness and luxury of an original Paithani that is created and made to be woven with precision.

Paithani sarees are thought to be the most elegant outfit and among the most expensive sarees available in the market. Typically, the cost of Paithani sarees may be just a few thousand dollars, and some even have it for some lakhs of rupees. But, Only Paithani assures you of the most affordable prices and offers.

The rich background of Paithani

Paithani is an “Gem of Indian tradition and craftsmanship”

Royal Paithani saree is dated more than 2000 years ago. It was a crucial component of women’s outfits during the Maratha, Satavahana, Mughal and Nizam times. Genuine handwoven Paithani composed of silk and gold/silver was the initial option for royal families. Paithani Sarees are named after the town of Paithan located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. In the beginning, the silk that was abundant from Paithan was sold to many nations in exchange for precious gemstones, gold and silver. Nowadays, Yeola town of Nashik district in Maharashtra is the most renowned producer of Paithani sarees. Yeola is also called the “City of Paithani “. The only company in Paithani is committed to preserving the rich history in Paithani in a bid to promote the wide selection of hand-woven Paithani.

Master Craftsmanship

Paithani sarees result from the careful, intricate and delicate hand-woven and dying. Making the loom set up is a precise task of careful handling. Each thread is placed to reveal the pattern, design the colors and other details that make an exquisite Paithani.

A Yeola Paithani is a hundred manual methods and no machines are employed to weave this amazing art. Indian weavers have mastered weave handloom embroidery, Tapestry weaving, as well as methods of dying and bleaching prior to the time when the industry of textiles was modernized. Tapestry weaving is the foundation of Paithani craft. It was developed by Indian weavers long back. The tapestry weave stands out from other methods of weaving by having multiple weft threads that interlock to create a beautiful weaving design. The art of weaving tapestry and the double interlocking methods are an important part of the newest generation of weavers.

How it is created : Shankari Paithani

Paithani Designs

  • Paithani is now the most beautiful and versatile Indian dress ever. Paithani weaving is distinguished by the elegant use of gold and silk (zari). It has the borders of a striking design and the pallu is decorated with a peacock. It is handcrafted with such a level of precision that the design appears to be like it is carved into the Silk.
  • Kathpadar Saree

Paithani is also known for its Kathpadar saree, in which Kath refers to the distinctive broad borders that are woven using pure zari and padar which is a reference to the edge of decorative which makes them unique.

  • Kaleidoscopic appearance

The distinctive kaleidoscopic design of Paithani sarees is due to the unique art of weaving that involves a technique of weaving that involves threads of different colors are weaved longwise, while threads from a different color are weaved in a breadthwise fashion creating the appearance of 3D. Shankari offers a variety of styles and colors that make you feel awestruck by Yeola Paithani and the rich tradition of Maharashtra.

  • In the past, Paithani sarees were made with cotton bases in its body however, they were also woven with silk. But, in modern Paithani it is not possible to see any trace of the cotton base.
  • Only Paithani provides Paithani Sarees that are made of 100% silk. They give you the luxury and beauty of wearing a unique Paithani created and woven with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Most popular Paithani designs for sarees

There are a variety of Motifs can be seen on Paithani sarees. The most popular designs are peacocks and Tota-Maina designs. Asawalli designs, Hans motifs, lotus designs such as Ashrafi Motif, Humarparinda, Raj Hanse motifs, Narali Motif, Mango motifs, Flower motifs, Morbangdi Amar Vell. Smaller designs comprise Kalas Pakhhli Chandrakor stars, Stars, clusters of three leaves, circular patterns, Rui Phool and Kuyri among the most well-known designs.

  • Types of silk threads that are used to design
  • Paithani Sarees are typically constructed using three kinds of silk threads. These are Cuddle-Gatta, Charkha and China Silk. Cuddle-Gatta is silk of high-end quality with shining and silky threads while Charkha threads have no shine and are widely used. In all three threads, China Silk is the most expensive thread, and is utilized in Pathani silk dresses.
    • How long will the process take for weaving a Paithani?
  • The weaving process for the Paithani saree can take anywhere from 7-15 days up to 18-24 months dependent on the complexity of the design. This makes it among the most costly sarees.
    • The intricate designs of the border and Pallus are the hallmarks for Paithani sarees. The primary characteristic that distinguishes the Paithani saree are the borders, which consist of an oblique square as well as a pallu that is adorned with peacock patterns, Tota-Maina designs, Hans motifs, and lotus designs. Paithani sarees can be found in plain and designs with spots.
    • Natural dyes
  • Natural dyes are the best choice for silk fabric because they prolong its life, shine and appearance. This is why Yeola Paithani sarees are manufactured using natural dyes extracted from rocks, vegetables, minerals and plants. Natural dyes are more expensive and can increase its value.
    Due to the growing need for more colors for weaving, the weavers have begun using synthetic dyes to color silk thread.
  • Colors of Paithani
  • Traditionally it was the case that the Paithani saree was available in just 2 or 3 shades like blue and magenta color and a variety of patterns. Nowadays, Paithani is available in more than 30 to 40 colors that are modified and traditional weaving techniques in Kath as well as Padar. In the past gold thread zari was used to weave Paithani. However, silver has replaced gold and, in some instances it has been replaced by copper and made this luxurious wear less expensive. Zari zari is affordable and silver or golden Zari Paithani is made of synthetic silver or Golden color.
    • Paithani Sarees come in vibrant colors including peacock blue, peacock purple and pearl pink. They are also available in violet, yellow, red purple, red, magenta and yellowish-green, as well as combinations of red and green as well as black and white. We offer a wide selection of sarees to choose from. Paithani Silk Saree that can fit your style.
  • Types of Paithani
    There are three major kinds in Paithani Saree:

    • Regular border, with various Pallus
  • Paithani with an ordinary border is distinguished by a traditional design on the border, while the Pallu is decorated with different themes like peacock-themed designs or Tota-Maina patterns, Hans motifs, lotus motif, Raj Hanse motifs, Mango designs, Flower motifs
    • Muniya
  • Munai Paithani is known for its Muniya designs on the border as well as a different Pallu.
    • Brocade
  • Brocade Paithani is among the most well-known Paithani. It features zari pallu and peacock designs.
    • There are various other types of Paithani that are classified on the basis of weave, motif and color. They include Bangadi Mor, Munia brocade, Lotus brocade, Tissue Border, Balgandharva Paithani, Kadiyal Paithani with an interlocking design, Kad Paithani and Kalichandrakala. pure black saree with an orange border RaghuParrot¬†
  • Our company, Only Paithani , situated in Yeola, Maharashtra, provide an extensive selection of hand-woven Paithani and custom-made on-demand Paithani made by machines Yeola silk Sarees (Semi Paithani) and Cotton Paithani at the most affordable prices available on the market. Many people find it difficult to find these sarees at this price. other than us.
  • Shankari Paithani is a name created through Jagdish as well as Durgesh. Our store and warehouse are situated at “City of Paithani – Yeola.” We have a large selection of Paithani Silk Sarees, with attractive designs that are renowned because of their heritage values and offer you the elegance and luxury of wearing a unique Paithani that is designed and made to be woven with precision.
  • Paithani Sarees are among the priciest sarees on the market. They are considered to be a luxurious outfit. Typically, the cost of Paithani sarees may be just a few thousand dollars, and you can find it at some lakh rupees. But, we at Paithani guarantee you the lowest prices and discount.


Top quality at the most affordable price on the market

  • Only Paithani offers a wide range of distinctive designs and highest quality of products for the lowest price on the market.
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