Everything You Need To Know About Three Ply Disposable Face Masks

Before the pandemic, mask users were limited only to health workers, health specialists, and people who were allergic to dust and other natural elements. But, soon after the breakout of Covid-19, the whole world started using it. Following the guidelines provided by WHO that everyone needs to wear masks while going outside, several brands appeared. They started commercial manufacturing and selling the masks.

After doing a thorough research, it was proven that not every material was immune to protect a person from getting exposed to the fatal virus. In this regard, a 3 ply disposable face mask is the most effective mask that prevents a person from getting infected by the deadly virus and other elements.

What Is a Ply Disposable Face Mask?

As per medical definition, a mask is a device, a type of protective shield that prevents any small microscopic element from getting into the body. Generally, 3 Ply disposable face mask is a single-use mask that is created from non-woven materials, further having 3 layers of fabric that effectively prevents any elements from getting into the mouth or nasal stream. There are mainly two types of masks that you typically find in the market. They are,
Surgical Masks
Medical Masks

Which Masks Are More Effective Against Covid 19?

According to various studies, it has been concluded that 3 ply disposable face mask is much more effective against these contaminations. Since they are created with a triple layer of nonwoven materials, they prevent contamination much more effectively than surgical masks.

Why They Are Necessary

Even if the virus of Covid had been reduced to a limited number, there are several cases of its variants wreaking havoc around the world. To protect themselves from these variants, they must utilize these masks. However, many people find it uncomfortable wearing specific masks. In that case, here are a few pieces of advice that can help you find an alternative 3 ply disposable face mask that is highly comfortable for you.

As per several health specialists, even if wearing this 3 ply disposable face mask is uncomfortable, they should bear it while going out in a crowded place or infrastructure for their safety.
It also has been suggested that a person finding it difficult to use a specific mask should practice it in a safe place to find comfort before going out in public. That way, they can ensure their safety along with other people.

What are the three layers of the 3 ply masks?
Needless to say, that there are three layers on the 3 ply disposable masks. This respiratory mask blocks the microbes from entering the respiratory masks. Let’s know about the three individual layers of this mask.

1st layer – the density is approx. 18 to 25 GSM and cut into 170 to 175 mm for adults. These are usually blue but have other colours like pink, white and green.
2nd layer – second layer is for the filtration purposes and it is 25 GSM in normal.
3rd layer – it is cut into 190 to 195 GSM. Just like the first layer, it also has the density of 18 to 25 GSM. It is used for absorbing the moisture.


As of now, you might have gotten the idea of which mask is better for you. The variants of covid are increasing again, and it is becoming deadlier than before. That is why it is highly recommendable if you use a ply disposable face mask instead of a face mask that has been created from fabric and other woven materials.

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