5 Platforms for Free Internet, TV, and Phone Services

5 Platforms for Free Internet, TV, and Phone Services

In this day and age of sky-high bills and prices, people are always on the lookout for ways to cut down on expenses. Having to pay huge bills monthly can be very exhausting. The increasing prices have made it difficult for a lot of people to gain access to basic services like TV, internet, and even phone services.

The rising rates may force you to look for the most economical service providers. You can do your research. But you may gather that not all service providers are affordable. Free internet might not run as smoothly as you’re able to manage your Spectrum 1800 Number. However, finding loopholes for a way to access all these services for free can be done without breaking the law.

Here are a few options through which you can gain access to free services.

Freedom Pop

Being in business for quite some time now, this network operator offers free service. This service is free for not only your computers but also smartphones. Users with low unjustifiable internet expenses might find this platform exceptional. To begin your Freedom Pop journey, you’ll have to make a minor deposit of a few dollars to set up your account. After your account has been set up, this operator sends you the necessary equipment needed to get your connection going.

As for the first month, you get a decent amount of 2GB worth of free internet to get you started. Additionally, from the second month onwards, you receive 500MB of free data. The data limit is comparatively low. Therefore, it is most suitable for people who only require it for sending and receiving emails. Furthermore, it even offers 10 cellular voice minutes, 10 cellular text messages, and a TV subscription, apart from unlimited Wi-Fi calling.


Initiated by the government in partnership with the Federal Communications Commission, this platform brings internet access to low-income households. A lot of people cannot afford to pay for this luxury. Hence, the government sought out this service to cater to them. Homeless individuals, low-income households, and disadvantaged families do not consider the internet a priority. Hence, it lies upon the government to provide connectivity to such users. You can gain access to their services if you fulfill the parameters for qualification. Even if you don’t qualify, you can access their economical plans starting from $10 per month.

This platform puts a lot of focus on the internet, being an absolute necessity for students nowadays. This is to help them keep up with their peers and compete against them. It is crucial that students have access to the internet. This is so as it supplies unlimited skills and knowledge for survival in this growing world.


With the emerging technologies of cable and fiber internet, NetZero as dial-up internet has lost its worth. This company only offers services in selected areas. As long as you have a working phone line at home, you can access the internet by connecting it to your computer. This company only offers 10 hours of internet a month as per their basic package. However, you can always consider other plans.

Wi-Fi Map

This app helps you identify all free Wi-Fi hotspots within your vicinity. This allows you to choose which free network you can connect with. This app is great for travelers and is accessible in various countries. The free version of this application only covers 2.5 miles of network coverage. However, to identify networks far away from your area, you can always upgrade to their pro version.


Although this program aims at targeting seniors, you might be eligible too. This is so if you have a limited income or if your child or dependent qualifies. Through this program, you do not get access to the internet directly. Rather, it provides you with a monthly stipend that you can use to pay internet or phone bills. The stipend may be able to cover your internet, TV, and phone expenses. This is possible if you choose a cheap internet plan and if you qualify.


Getting free internet, TV, and phone services is the dream of many. But not all ways of getting free services are reliable. You might be able to access them but the speed and network quality might not be up to the mark. Hence, if you use all these services a considerate amount, it is essential that you look for plans within your budget instead of looking for freebies.