Hacks To Increase Views On Your Instagram Reels

Two years from now, in August 2020 Instagram launched its hottest feature granting access to its users to create super engaging video content. Moreover, it was the overall look of the Instagram Reels that made it even more appealing. 


Instagram users have the option to incorporate different elements like quirky background music, including more than one video clip, different backdrops, stickers, and much more. Additionally, Instagram reels are different from Instagram stories in terms of their existence. Unlike Instagram stories, which have a span of 24 hours, Instagram reels do not disappear automatically and stay till the time the user deletes them from their profile. 


Since TikTok is a popular platform for sharing short videos, it is known that this attempt was made to compete with it. It also achieved some fantastic accomplishments over time. In particular, Reels was the first to seize that sizable market across the world.


Reels, a feature of Instagram, has been offering its users a lot of organic boosts, which finally helps these Instagram accounts expand. The appropriate methods can help you quickly increase the number of views on your Reels and expand your account. 

One common concern for all Instagram users is to increase the views of their Instagram reels. 

Listed below are a few effective strategies for increasing Instagram reel views.



Most Effective Ways To Increase Views On Your Instagram Reels 


  • Embed Instagram Reels On Your Website 

Embedding instagram reels content on marketing touchpoints including the brand website is a strategy that has come to light and gained immense popularity amongst marketers due to its exceptional benefits. This strategy helps the brand make their website more engaging, improves the content quality of their website, reduces bounce rate, and opens doors for more sales and conversions. 


Instagram, being a photo-sharing platform offers a wide range of dynamic content, that holds tremendous potential for grasping the attention of its users. Further embedding Instagram reels on your website is an amazing move to increase the stay time of your followers. 

Moreover, first-time visitors of your website may be unaware of your Instagram presence. By embedding Instagram reels, you will be able to give them an insight into the content posted by you and they may be intrigued to revisit your Instagram profile and hit the follow button. 


If you are wondering about the embedding process, you can complete it using a social media aggregation tool like Taggbox Widget. The comprehensive features of the tool makes it one of the best options present online. The tool offers customization options, content moderation, insightful analytics, real time automatic content updates, and a support team for assisting Taggbox widget users if they encounter any issues while using the tool. 


  • Post Valuable Content 

The most important element to help you develop on a network like Instagram is its content, which is Content is King. To Get More Views On Instagram Reels and learn how to get more likes on reels, you must upload the kind of reels that offer users something of value. You might notice that many videos with educational or how-to content are going viral.


Furthermore, a lot depends on the industry you work in. Learn which kind of content performs best in your specific niche. Then, in order to make it appear new, you can try to duplicate it and add a few of your own points to it. Keep in mind that just because something is useful doesn’t always mean it should be.

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  • Consistency Is Key 

To improve your Instagram Reels results, consistency is one of the critical elements. Instagram is still in the testing phase of Reels and is eager to add new features. Consequently, if you consistently post, Instagram may provide you with the exposure you require.


In order to get more views on Instagram Reels and more likes on reels, it’s crucial to post more reels. You have a larger possibility of appearing in the reels stream as you publish more and more content. Instagram is also informed that you are actively using the feature by doing this. To maintain consistency, though, is a must.


If you want to do this, you may either set a time and post at that moment or use any Instagram scheduling software.


  • Include relevant hashtags to get more views 

To increase the number of organic views of your content, hashtags might be a great tool. The Instagram platform understands what the video is about thanks to these hashtags, which are then used to pin or tag the relevant content. Since Instagram only displays content to users who are most likely to be interested in it, you can increase the number of views and likes on your Instagram videos.


Hashtags, according to some, are now ineffective with Instagram. Using hashtags these days actually isn’t important. The truth is a little bit different, though. Although adding some popular hashtags is usually a smart idea if you are a newcomer and may help in better discoverability of your content and increase your reel’s view count. 


Key Takeaways 

We have arrived at the end of this post and if you too were on a hunt out to explore various ways to increase the number of views on your Instagram reels, then we are certain that you must be convinced to go on and include all the mentioned strategies in your marketing techniques to garner more attention from your followers and other Instagram users. 


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