Here’s How To Protect Your Skin From Acne This Summer?

Acne is the four-letter word that troubles almost 50 million people across the United States each year. This issue often comes at the age of puberty and, if not handled wisely, can leave a lifelong scar. It can further lead to oily skin and pimples. Acne can have a massive impact on a person’s quality of life by changing their appearance. The symptoms of acne might vary from mild to severe, and the treatment might vary accordingly. Although there are no current treatments for acne, you might have a chance to try CBD medications, gels, and creams, etc. You can access CBD products of Lazarus Naturals from CBD.co.

Lifestyle changes play an essential role in preventing acne occurrence. And an unhealthy eating regimen is more likely to cause severe acne. Many researchers believe that what you eat has a crucial role in provoking acne. According to a survey, about 71% of people eating greasy fast food had a chance of experiencing acne. Any person with acne is aware that the struggle of healing the skin is difficult. Acne can develop on any part of your body but highly affects the face. A bacteria turns into sebum and then leads to acne breakout.

Although there is no foolproof and proven way to deal with acne, adopting preventive measures is a good idea. You can also add natural herbs like CBD to your daily routine to prevent acne. Even if you do not have acne, following preventive measures might help you keep your skin healthy and avoid the possibility of developing acne in the future. This blog will help you understand how to prevent acne this summer.

The Problem Of Acne 

Acne is a condition where dead skin cells and oil clogs hair follicles. It might further give rise to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. It is among the most common problems affecting people of all ages, but it’s more widespread in teenagers. It is an ailment that might show up on several body parts. Innumerable people across the globe are troubled due to acne regardless of gender.

At the point when puberty hits, sebaceous glands activate and might increase the chances of leaving scars. People in America are known to face acne between 12 and 24. Although it is not a hazardous issue, it can leave scars. The acne treatment will depend upon the severity and the time of existence. General risk factors for acne might include:

  • menstruation, 
  • Emotional issues,
  • Tropical climates,
  •  Applying makeup that has excessive oil-based and
  • pinching a pimple

In addition to acne, one might even face symptoms like discoloration of the skin, swelling, inflammation, and pain. Know that popping pimples can raise scarring chances and try to avoid it. Once acne occurs, it might take several days to weeks to get rid of it. And you might need more time to clear up acne without treatment. 

How To Protect Your Skin From Acne? 

Here are some measures which can help you protect your skin against acne-

  • Stay Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated may be one of the best ways to flush out toxins present in both skin and body. Drinking enough water every day might remove the toxins and unclog the pores with dead skin cells and dirt. Also, it can enhance your skin health and help you retain skin moisture. Drinking the right amount of water is thought to tighten your skin and reduce sagging. Keeping our body hydrated can enhance the production of elastin and collagen to improve skin health. Keeping your skin healthy can help cell rejuvenation that might help heal acne. 

  • Regular Exercise:

While looking for ways to prevent acne, exercising might not be on your list anywhere. But exercising has a crucial role to play. Everyone knows that inflammation can cause acne, and exercising might lower cortisol levels and reduce inflammation. People are into a common myth that sweating after a workout might lead to acne. As long as your skin is clean before sweating, you are less likely to face acne. It is because sweat will remove dirt from your pores. 

  • Healthy diet 

Diet might play a significant part in developing and preventing acne. Research suggests that a person might be able to avoid getting acne by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Also, according to sources avoiding dairy products and food with a high glycemic index can be a decent way to prevent acne. When a person hits puberty, there are chances that the body starts to produce high amounts of IGF-1, which increases sebum production. Hence avoiding foods that lead to heavy production of IGF-1 can be helpful. Also, it is better to keep away from chocolates as they might worsen acne.

  • CBD

CBD is a new and beneficial compound for the beauty industry. It is one of those hundreds of cannabis found in the cannabis sativa plants. The recent Farm Bill of 2018 evicted hemp from the list of controlled substances and legalized its usage. Hemp-driven CBD that contains less than 0.3% of THC is legal in the United States of America. CBD might provide you with medical benefits without inducing dizziness, unlike THC. One must consume CBD in the right proportion and precision to avoid complications.

Research suggests that CBD might help reduce inflammation related to acne. The results may vary in each case depending on your acne type. CBD is known to possess the ability to adjust sebum production and hence might help with acne. A study conducted in 2014 observed the effect of CBD on human sebocytes. They noticed that CBD could prevent these cells from producing too oily sebum. CBD might cause anti-inflammatory actions, allowing inflammatory cytokines to cause acne. Although initial studies show promising results, further studies are on their way. You may want to try out different CBD-based skin products to prevent acne. 


Acne is a common issue with not only every teenager but with people of any age. Hence people are looking every day for ways to battle or prevent acne as much as possible. Thankfully it’s possible to prevent acne by using the right approach. There is evidence that supports the usage of CBD-based products. Using these products might get you to find relief from inflammation and restrict sebum production. Also, hydrating your body, exercising, and eating well are equally important ways to stay away from acne. If you are still not able to figure out ways to prevent acne, you might need to consult a specialist. They can suggest a mix of healthy activities which will help your metabolism. It will help fight against acne and the many skin ailments. 


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