How Can an Efficient ICT Business Analyst Contribute to Business Growth?

Businesses are always searching for consistent operational improvement that facilitates a high success rate. How to get it right? Does an organization require an expert business analyst to move further? An expert ICT business analyst can help keep track of internal business capabilities efficiently. The needs in the business process, the immediate changes, and the implementation of the technology solutions rest in the hand of a business analyst.
How Can an Efficient ICT Business Analyst Contribute to Business Growth

What Tasks can an ICT Business Analyst Cover?

The typical roles and responsibilities of an ICT business analyst are:

  • Identifying risks and issues of an existing process and offering suitable solutions that impact the business positively
  • Carry out analysis of budget, forecasts, and sale results
  • Estimate the cost and identify the chance of business savings
  • Conduct thorough research on ways to advance business performance
  • Configure specification that aligns with the technological needs of the business
  • Implement the best practice for a better solution
  • Run systems ensuring a suitable performance that guarantee optimum quality

Besides, the person is responsible for checking the overall budget, planning for the project’s resource availability, and managing the development process better.

What Knowledge Does an ICT Business Analyst Needs to Have?

Knowledge and skills together can help you become an efficient ICT business analyst in the field to offer the best assistance to an organization. The knowledge for the position is:

  • Business process
  • Knowledge of the business structure
  • Data review and analysis
  • Software development
  • Analytical thinking and solving problems
  • Interpersonal and consulting skills
  • The business analyst should be able to identify the legal requirements of ICT products and go by suitable regulations that relate to ICT products

Both technical and soft skills are important to manage the technicalities and communicate with stakeholders. Strong communication is important to take a business through a presentation and help convince clients better.

Problem-solving is an important field that an ICT business analyst should be aware of. In this, they have to find suitable developing solutions, share the final decision, and evaluate the deep reasons for the causes of the problem. The analyst should be able in problem-solving skills.

However, an ICT business analyst and a business analyst are similar, except that an ICT business analyst focuses more on IT projects. The core functions of a business analyst with an ICT expert remain the same. Critical thinking is an important skill for a business analyst that help them make decisions. It requires the eye for critical review and checking data, workflow, documentation, and user survey reviews to come up with a suitable outcome.

Importance of Work with an ICT Business Analyst

The digital economy is ever-evolving and requires using the latest technological support at business work. This is where an ICT business analyst can guide you right. When aiming for the right growth for your company, the analyst should understand the need for new tools and technology that align with the need of the business. So, experts need to leverage their existing skills and develop new ones. This is how they can offer adequate assistance to a business.

When hiring an efficient ICT business analyst, ensure that the person has certification and training from the best source. It can help them manage their business dealings better.

Make Your Company Technologically Able

If you want to deploy a knowledgeable and efficient ICT business analyst for your business, DASCX can help you get it. The analyst can simplify the decision-making process of the business. From knowledge of tools and technologies to their correct usage, the analyst can handle it all for your business, deploying it efficiently. Choose from our expert analyst team, having the best training to offer industry-level assistance.

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