How Do I Know When A Forklift Is Due For Replacement?

Material handling or construction is a demanding job requiring reliance on some of the best equipment to help get the work done. A forklift is one of those pieces of equipment that greatly ensures tasks’ efficient and safe completion. However, even the most versatile machines wear out and need refreshing. These are signs that it’s time to replace your forklift with a better, more robust type that will help make work easier for all your workers.

Signs It’s Time To Get Another Forklift

One major component that plays an essential role in replacing a forklift is its maintenance. Forklift manufacturers in India usually emphasise the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep up with a daily check-up on the equipment after use. During this time, you might see some obvious indicators, while others you might see when doing a deep check-up.

When It Has Worked Over 10,000 Hours

The recommended working time for a forklift is usually around 14,000 hours. While it isn’t a hard rule that you must replace it after this, it’s a great pointer that the forklift has nearly served its purpose. Moreover, when the repair cost tends to outweigh the benefits it brings to the warehouse or company, you will know it’s time to get a better one.

When Safety Becomes An Issue

The safety of the operators and other workers is always a priority when handling this equipment. Newer forklifts tend to offer the best safety advancements. However, for the older ones, modification might not do well with them, increasing safety concerns. Additionally, older or worn-out forklifts tend to have mechanical issues, which could pose a safety hazard when the repair doesn’t work out.

Excess Wear And Tear

Inspecting the forklift to watch for wear and tear is best. Maintaining a good maintenance record is essential for the tires and equipment. However, when there have been several tears or wear and repairs that don’t seem to serve long, it’s time to get another one. Keeping up with continual repairs and replacing parts could be expensive, especially electrical ones. Some of the common pointers for a replacement include continual repair of these parts:

  • Battery issues
  • Hydraulic leaks
  • Jammed mast
  • Clogged fluid lines
  • Steering difficulties, 
  • unbalanced suspension.

When Maintenance Costs Starts To Increase

Regarding price, diesel forklift prices are lower than electric ones, but their maintenance is quite high. However, the maintenance should be at most the price you bought it. If you notice the cost it’s taking you to own and operate the machines is going up past what you initially spent, it’s time to consider investing in a new one.

More Time Sitting At A Corner Than On The Floor

When your forklift is just sitting around and not used as frequently as it should be, it’s time to get another one. It might need more cool-down time. You must replace it to avoid paying insurance and tax on equipment costing your operation money and time more than it’s worth.

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Forklift maintenance is essential in helping you note if issues need repair or replacing or if it’s just time to get rid of the entire machine. In addition, forklift replacement is vital in helping develop your business. Therefore, keeping at it while the costs are still affordable is essential to save you more in the long run. Remember, when replacing your forklift, you don’t have to buy a brand-new one; you can always opt for forklift retail. You will save on maintenance and repair costs.

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