How To Locate A Good Mechanic For Your Car

As per the meaning in a dictionary, “a mechanic is any person who is skilled and can repair and maintain the engines of vehicles and other machines.” And so a car mechanic is a person who is well educated and acquainted with the aspects and features of a petrol or diesel engine and various automotive parts in any motor vehicle. To get done with his job, he uses various tools to build, repair and diagnose any problem if there is any in a car. He is a professional who has to have an eagle’s eye for detail. Otherwise, if he skips anything then the owner of the vehicle may become prone to accidents.

Classification Of Mechanic:

Depending on what type of machinery or vehicle engine a mechanic works on, there are classifications in this field. They can be categorized as:

  • Lightweight mechanics – These mechanics work on smaller machines like cars, light trucks, motorcycles, boats and bikes.
  • Heavyweight mechanics – They work on bigger machines like tanks, tractors and various other farm machinery.

But in some countries, car mechanics specialize in a particular field each. Say, for instance, a car mechanic can specialize in the air-conditioning of a car, refrigeration, bicycle or he could even be a motor.

What Can You Expect Of A Car Mechanic?

Now, what are the jobs that a mechanic must perform? Before you take your car to a mechanic, you must know what you can expect and what you cannot. Here is a detailed analysis of their scope as a mechanic.

An automotive mechanic will inspect, and do routine servicing, overhauling and maintenance of different mechanical components of a light motor vehicle. That will include checking out the transmission system that is inclusive of clutch, differential and gearbox. He will also ensure the optimum functioning of the suspension system of a car that brings under its fold the tyres, brakes, steering, wheels and the springs of a car.

Since most cars nowadays are sophisticated they are diagnosed by a computer and thus mechanics need to be specially trained to handle such things. Apart from the above-mentioned issues, a car mechanic also handles issues concerning oil & fluid changes, replacements of brakes, problems with engines and logbook servicing.

How To Decide Whether A Mechanic Is Good Or Bad?

When you want to take your car to a good mechanic you must have a firm mind frame with your priorities sorted out… How do you know whether the mechanic to whom you are taking your car is good or bad? You must be wondering how to decide or what factors to base your judgements on. But here are certain tips that you can follow to get the best mechanic for your car.

  • Look for recommendations from credible people in your circle. Sometimes not all big service companies have good expert. So a recommendation would do you good.
  • Check out for internet reviews but again there is a catch here. Some reviews are inorganic and made up. So be careful here.
  • Check out with social media if you may be lucky enough to find a good expert there.

What Are The Factors That Decide On A Good Mechanic?

You must check out for some factors before finally deciding on the mechanic whom you entrust your car to. Look out for his specialization, skills, and experience. He should be well versed with the model of your car. He should also be technically qualified to handle your car.

Before you hand your car over to a mechanic, ask for the warranty that he will give you. Talk to him at a length about the terms and conditions and be well versed yourself in them. Check out for his equipments and the technology that he uses. This is the prime concern that should bother you. Make sure that he uses genuine spares and parts in the repair of your car.

It will be convenient for you if you find a mechanic in your locality. Lastly, make sure that your mechanic communicates with you regularly and keeps you well informed.

Finding a good technician can be really hectic and confusing at times. But by following these tips you may end up hiring a professional mechanic who will take care of your vehicle just the way you want. There are simple do’s and don’ts that one needs to follow for a seamless experience.

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