How to Analyze Twitter Follower, Following & Tweets of Any Twitter Account?

Followers’ last tweet date refers to the date and time at which the respective Twitter account remaining despatched out a tweet go here. Active and actual users have a tendency to tweet often.

Inactive or unsolicited mail Twitter debts display an inclination to stay idle for extended durations of time. FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower analytics device examines Twitter fans on the idea in their hobby degree.

  • Get a pie chart categorization of Twitter fans on the idea of their interest stage.
  • Followers which were active in the beyond 24 hours show an amazing stage of authenticity.
  • Followers which have the final tweet date previous to a yr can be considered inactive or spam debts.

Twitter Account Age of Followers

Twitter Account Age is determining how old the account has been on Twitter because of its advent date. FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower analytics tool affords you this option. It shows the authenticity of a Twitter account. The older the account, the higher its credibility.

If any account has an excessive number of Twitter followers with cumulative ages of much less than a year, there are big chances that the fans are faux.

  • Accounts with better Twitter age display authenticity.
  • Follower, Following & Tweet Count of Twitter Account Followers

FollowerAudit analyses Twitter followers and affords you the entire tweet depend, follower count and following count of Twitter fans from any public Twitter account. Our Twitter fans analysis device gets quantifiable data with appreciation to these types of metrics which let you very well examine twitter fans of any public Twitter account.

  • Twitter followers’ evaluation of the idea of their Tweet relies on.
  • Get followers depending on all the Twitter followers of the targeted account.
  • Getting a following relies on all of the Twitter followers of the centred account.
  • Twitter fans’ analysis on the premise of their interest degree on Twitter go here.

Get a listing of blanketed fans, followers with URLs & Verified fans

FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower analytics analyzes all your fans and gives you a listing of included and demonstrated fans together with the listing of followers who have an URL of their Twitter bio.

  • Analyze your Twitter fans and get included followers per cent
  • Analyze your Twitter followers and get validated follower’s percentage
  • Identify the follower percentage that has an URL of their Twitter bio. Accounts with URLs lean toward authenticity.

Get greater certain insights into any public Twitter account followers

FollowerAudit’s Twitter followers evaluation offers you masses of statistics. These facts let you in locating the maximum famous fans in conjunction with figuring out the most lively followers.

  • Get a list of the most famous Twitter fans.
  • Get a list of followers with the most tweets.
  • Get a listing of fans with the most likes.
  • Get a list of followers who have maximum lists.

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