How To Buy A Smartphone On EMI In India Without A Credit Card

One of the simplest methods to update to the latest smartphone is to buy it on EMI. Many individuals nowadays buy mobile phones on EMI, which provides an excellent reason to save and avoid massive expenses. It’s straightforward and handy since the unsettled money can be paid over time, making it easy on the consumer’s wallet. Although it is frequently simpler to obtain a smartphone on EMI, elite mobile flagships typically come with a hefty price tag that is tough to afford. As a result, various solutions on the market allow users to buy mobile on EMI without using their credit cards.

This article covers some of the most exceptional financial options for buying a smartphone on EMI without a credit card.

EMI on Debit cards

Debit cards are the next proximity financial option after EMI on credit cards. Customers may take advantage of EMI benefits using their debit cards at several popular banks across India. Customers who select the options below must first confirm their eligibility, after which they may make a purchase and pay simple EMIs using their connected account. Customers may also be eligible for a discount on their debit card, depending on their lending institution.


  1. Easy eligibility check and quick process.
  2. A large number of customers more frequently use debit cards than credit cards.
  3. Customers can avail themselves of amazing discount offers on EMI through their debit cards.

Buy Now Pay Later

Customers can get a pre-approved credit line from banks, financial technology, and extensive online merchants who provide buy now pay later credit lines. This credit can be used to purchase things from offline and online businesses, and it must be delivered back within the stipulated time frame.

Customers may acquire any smartphone and pay for it later using attractive bank and brand EMI deals. These deals are readily available at shops’ modern point-of-sale machines. The best aspect about these credit lines is that they may be used as long as the total amount borrowed is repaid within the agreed-upon time frame. Once the sum has been paid, it can be applied to other purchases as a credit.


  1. Customers may use the Pay Later EMI option on debit cards, providing them access to a massive number of cardholders from all major issuers.
  2. Customers may obtain the top brands and banking offers with no-cost EMI options and cashbacks on more goods depending on the payment mechanism used by the shop.
  3. Customers will have a better shopping experience since they can choose the plan that best suits their needs.

Collateral Loans

A durable consumer loan is one of the most popular ways to pay for gadget purchases. These loans are offered for significant expenditures such as televisions, computers, washing machines, cellphones, and other large-ticket items. The loan charge often ranges from 5000 to 500,000 rupees depending on the lender. On the other hand, the loan period varies from lender to lender and might be as long as 24 months.


  1. No cost EMI 
  2. Minimal paperwork and documentation
  3. Customers do not need to deposit security or collateral.

Zero-down payment Offers

Nowadays, the majority of mobile phones are offered with no down payment. Customers who do not make the minimum down payment for the latest item might greatly profit from this arrangement. Customers may take advantage of this incentive by downloading the app or going to their favorite retail shop and selecting a smartphone on EMI mobile.


  1. Customers can make their necessary purchases without ruining their monthly budget.
  2. There are no concealed expenses, and the payment is made upfront.
  3. Easy and hassle-free, no-cost EMI offers are available at retailers Point of sale machines.


It’s now more uncomplicated than ever to buy a dream phone. Customers may pay for their smartphones in simple EMIs using any of the three ways listed above. It’s easy to select the appropriate payment option that works best by skimming through the terms and conditions of the payment method.

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