How to Choose Stroller Organizer?

When I was expecting our first child, our husband and I would talk about the times when we had a stroller for our baby and a diaper bag that we could stuff our food items into, carry our shopping bags and, in general, be a central place for our belongings during long trips out as well as shorter trips to the grocery store. We were a shrewd urban family, walking and riding public transit everywhere.


Oh, how ignorant we were.

When we were parents to our children, we realized that strollers could also be painful in the back for all their advantages.

Our first trips out for our little girl were just short visits to the coffee shop, which is just two blocks away from our home. Ultimately, I was quite shocked by how difficult it was to push the newborn baby with a compact stroller for travel over an overhang or an elevated tram track. Particularly when you’re carrying an iced coffee in the other hand and when you consider that I was still struggling to get around after a C-section.

Let’s say I spilt a lot of coffee on the (bright yellow) stroller sunshade.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Stroller Organizer Bag

Before deciding which Stroller organizer will work most suit you, double make sure it is compatible with your Stroller and needs! Here are a few points to be aware of:

Super Lightweight Strollers

Many stroller organizers will not be a great fit for very light strollers, such as the GB Pockit. I have personal experience with this. While on a trip to Italy, I used my Skip Hop Grab organizer with the Pockit stroller. The full-loaded Skip Hop stroller organizer was too heavy for the light Pockit. Each time I took my daughter from the buggy, the load, the organizer was putting on would cause it to tip the Stroller in the opposite direction. Indeed, stroller organizer bags do not perform well with umbrella stroller adjustable handle height. It’s a simple thing to remember!

Single vs Double Strollers

Similarly, some stroller organizers are made to fit a single stroller. If you have a side-by-side double, ensure that it remains compatible.

Attachment that comes with Sturdy and Adjustable Straps

Most strollers are attached using large velcro straps at each end. It’s worth searching for a bag with an extremely strong Velcro strap. A strap that slides or falls off often will negate the purpose of the whole thing. In addition, it can be a major nuisance.

The Organizer Closures

This Ethan and Emma have an electronic closure that can be inserted into its main compartment. When you travelled to cities known for their tourist attractions and stressed moms (I’m taking a look at your city, Barcelona), this can be very useful.

Wash ability

It is a crucial aspect for almost everything toddler and baby gear. Although a stroller organizer functions well for carrying our milk bottles and coffee, there are spills. The full containers often spill over the organizer as they go over curbs or other obstructions. There are always plenty of crumbs in the middle of our main container from snacks that our daughter has resisted. It’s important to choose a simple, clean product to preserve your peace of mind. You can purchase stain removers for baby equipment such as car seats and strollers if it gets stained.


Think about what you’ll keep and use the organizer to store it before you purchase the item that is suitable for your needs. Personally, the idea of insulated cup holder pockets is of little importance to me. Our daughter doesn’t have milk bottles while we’re out, so I don’t require a way to cool her milk. Also, I drink my coffee sooner than it could get cold, so I don’t need to insulate my beverage also! However, it would be a great idea if we still carried milk. Even though I don’t need insulation, my first choice is insulated, and I would consider it a plus.

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