Hybrid Work – How Desktop as a service (DaaS) Is Finally Bridging Home & Office Spaces

Everyone has heard about the hybrid workplace or the hybrid work model in today’s time when the market is running on this concept. Have you ever imagined what the future holds?

Is hybrid the future of work?

In 2020, the pandemic brought about a drastic change in the market, and many businesses will just land overnight in the world of work-from-home life. Irrespective of accepting it as a choice or a need, hybrid work and the associated technologies have done their jobs to keep the business continued.

DaaS or Desktop as a service is a cloud model that hosts critical data and desktops in centralized cloud servers, providing remote access to the users when they work from different locations. Desktop as a service has indeed streamlined the IT initiatives for businesses planning to opt hybrid work culture to the fullest.

Hybrid Workplace with Desktop as a service – The New Default Model?

Many enterprises have already shifted their infra to the cloud. The survey states that cloud migration has increased to 92% in the past three years. And now, over 80% of companies or more are operating their workloads on cloud platforms at the moment. This rate is predicted to leap in the next two years to 90%.

Many businesses opt for cloud desktops or Desktop as a service because it allows them to be competitive enough in a fast-paced and dynamic market landscape. DaaS is a solution to lower the costs of maintaining on-premise infrastructure; it promotes continuous progress by scaling the infrastructure instantly; it helps in facilitating security measures.

A hybrid model is the best of both worlds- Remote and in-office.

Although remote working arrangements are quite a new concept for major companies, they aren’t without flaws. Therefore, companies have started going for a hybrid functional approach.

Hybrid working is a more versatile option that incorporates the best of both worlds by enabling employees to operate remotely as much or as little as they want while retaining easy access to colleagues and company resources when required.

The benefits of DaaS technology are incredible.

Have a peek at the benefits below:

  • You can waive off your significant expenses.

The DaaS model permits enterprises to leverage the pay-per-usage pricing prototype, indicating that you only purchase the resources needed to meet your business needs. Therefore, you convert your capital expenses to operational expenses.

  • Your data is secure.

The RapidScale survey reveals that 94% of companies gained better security after shifting to the cloud. Using end-to-end encryption lets DaaS providers keep your data in such secure virtual areas that no cyber-attacks can access the business data. As additional security, the prevalence of cloud-based services offers customized security settings.

  • Your workforce can access the workloads from anywhere.

Moving to the DaaS approach allows entrepreneurs and their employees to have access to the data anytime from any device. This is especially worthwhile for businesses that seem to use a mobile medium. With Desktop as a service, the team can easily collaborate and share data without worrying about security.

DaaS makes collaboration a viable and simplified process. Teams can distribute the data through the cloud faster. DaaS solutions even offer dedicated or multi-session desktops for the users to work without sharing the log-ins

  • Your IT team is free of maintenance tasks.

Managing in-house infrastructure adversely takes up the IT team’s productivity as most of their time is consumed in quality control, reporting and patching. With DaaS solutions, all data is stored in a single location and standard format.

When the workforce can access business data from anywhere, it can accidentally cause human errors, further resulting in data inconsistency and wrong records. To prevent such undesired data hassles, you can bring the benefit of the cloud desktop by automatically tracking data and warning of any human activity.

  • Your data is backed up in secure servers.

As a business owner, you surely need to know that a small downtime can cause a detrimental loss for your company. That’s why it is crucial to have instant rolling backups with DaaS to avoid low-performance issues, revenue losses, and more. Moreover, it eliminates the risks associated with keeping protecting the infrastructure in hypersensitive data centers. And in case of an unexpected event, a business can save all of the data with hosted desktops.

  • You get flexible scaling and pricing options.

Modern businesses demand modern solutions. Therefore, Desktops on the cloud can be boon in such a case.

DaaS infrastructure is designed in such a way that it can be configured and reconfigured in minutes without associated complex provisioning processes. Just as you can scale up or down the number of users, the pricing and resources also go the same way. Your underlying compute and resources increase or decrease your costs. These resources give cloud desktops the potential power for intensive tasks. You are free to do it even if you need to run OS simply without high configuration.

The Bottom Line: Simplify Your Infrastructure with Desktop as a Service

Desktop Virtualization technology is observing a significant shift in building a consistent infrastructure for the firms, making discoveries, providing a better end-user experience, and building future-ready solutions. DaaS is comparably one of them that attracts global businesses with its benefits such as:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Better security
  • Full-time Accessibility
  • Improved collaboration
  • Low IT maintenance
  • Instant rolling backups

The future of DaaS unveils new things for businesses and new possibilities. With this in mind, you may also start thinking of safe and smooth migration of your workloads to cloud desktops. The dedicated IT partner ACE is here to provide you with the implemented infrastructure and tailor it to your business goals.