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Kanat Sultanbekov- Boosting Team Productivity on Construction Sites

The construction industry is a large and one of the most critical industries in the world that generates a lot of revenue annually. However, like its counterparts, it is not free from significant challenges, including cost overruns, intense competition, decreased profit margins, and stringent deadlines when it comes to the delivery of projects.

Construction companies are concerned about the above challenges. This is where they rely on their project managers to devise innovative ways to tackle problems so that the worker productivity levels on the site increase to complete projects in time.

Kanat Sultanbekov on how can work improve on construction sites 

Kanat Sultanbekov is a skilled construction project manager from New York. He is widely respected for his proven track record and for maintaining high safety and quality standards with all his projects. He is known for his proven track record and leadership skills. Regarding project management, he is renowned for strategic planning, aligning operational processes, and making risk assessments even when project tasks are done for the first time.

Why is project planning in advance important for construction sites? 

Project planning is an integral part of boosting workers’ competitiveness and productivity levels. Here, managers should have an extensive plan to help them chalk out the details of the work so that tasks can be completed on time. Some challenges come in the way, most of which can be resolved with advanced planning. However, if the master plan fails, the project manager should be ready with a backup plan so that the project’s productivity is not hampered.

Lists and their implementation

It would help if you remembered that every project is different, so here you cannot have the same things done for all the tasks you undertake as a manager. You should analyze the project you have in hand and identify specific risks that might occur over time. You should have the right strategies to manage them and ensure team collaboration on the site is clear and precise so that workers know what to do when without any confusion that might cause losses or even delay the project timeline to a large extent.

The project manager needs to resort to lists of materials, tasks, resources, and other things that are integral to successfully completing a project. This might sound easy. However, it has to be done much in advance so that the manager faces no problems with the master plan and its backup plans.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, worker productivity is essential for the practical completion of a project and ensures their morale is high on the site. When your team is happy, you can focus more on the quality and timeline of the project and lesser on problems that cause delays and losses! Give them breaks, and in the post-pandemic era, ensure they are safe from infections and other potential dangers on the site.

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