Kena: Bridge of Spirits Available on Steam Store with Major Update on September 27th


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Available on Steam Store with Major Update on September 27th


Kena: Bridge of Spirits The Ember Lab team has officially announced that Kena: Bridge of Spirits will release on Steam on September 27.

It’s about a year after the game’s first occ88 release on PlayStation and PC (Epic Games Store), which means the game has dropped a Timed Exclusive from Epic Games, while also getting content updates. Another big set.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review by Chamokung

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

First of all, I have to say that I play mainly on PC, which the game is sold at a price that is somewhat cheaper than the console version, which the Thai Playstation Store is sold at 1,290 baht. The PC part is sold in one place in the episode. This is the Epic Games Store at a price of 552 baht,

which even if anyone wants to upgrade to the Deluxe version, they will not pay much more. What’s added is a Digital Soundtrack, followed by weapon skins. And the golden little Rot’s skin, that’s it, doesn’t affect the gameplay.

story: Kena Bridge of Spirits

Let’s talk about the story first. To be honest, even though Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ visuals are animated to kids,

like Frozen and the like, the storytelling of this game is actually pretty cool. There is a bit of an adult, that is, when the game starts,

the players will not have any story floor. Pass the cutscene There’s only a few words to describe the story of a wooden mask that is dedicated to the deceased. And here’s the origin of the Spirit Guide, the protagonist Kena.

But players will be able to absorb the story through the events and environments that occur in front of them. which has both beautiful cutscenes Like an animated movie to watch, including through the Dialog that other characters speak out.

but in spite of this The plot of this game is not difficult to interpret. It’s fairly linear. Only the players will have to compose the story in their own head a little. Overall, it’s quite fun. Players are not difficult to enter. Not so dark that it’s not suitable for young people. It’s just that it has a little bit of violence in the style of an adventure game for teenagers aged 12 and over according to PEGI ratings.

And the last thing I really like is During the cutscenes, important scenes It’s like watching a real animation, camera angles, movement. Made it out well, not losing a game from a giant camp ever.

Overview Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Overall, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is great. It’s another game that you shouldn’t miss this year. But on the PC version, you should have a powerful machine. Or will I have to wait for a better optimization from the developer? It’s a passable game. rarely bored okay story There are animated cutscenes to watch. A lot of the elements come from a lot of great games, with a Tomb Raider adventure feel, combat with a bit of Dark Souls or Sekiro, and elemental based on a Zelda: Breath of the Wild setting, mixed with animation. Disney style therefore came out as this game.


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