Medical tourism in India: why do people travel there?

India has become one of the most sought-after medical travel destinations in the last ten years. One of the top three nations for medical tourism worldwide is India. When a person considers receiving medical care abroad in their nation, this is referred to as medical travel or medical tourism. Due to its highly skilled medical personnel, modern infrastructure compared to other developed nations, affordable treatments, individualized care, and ease of accessibility as well as its use of conventional medical practices like Ayurveda and Yoga, India is becoming more and more popular in the medical tourism sector. Information and communication technology developments have been essential in positioning India as a leader in medical tourism.

Numerous well-known hospitals in major cities have already established themselves as the top facilities for foreign patients seeking medical care in India. The majority of these hospitals have cutting-edge infrastructure that is comparable to that of the majority of wealthy nations worldwide. The Indian government has been making tremendous efforts to promote medical travel to India at the same time. The provision of quick, simple, and special visas to any foreign visitor wishing to visit India for medical reasons is one of the most effective measures.


The medical tourism industry in India

India is the top destination for medical tourists because of the combination of excellent healthcare services provided at a very affordable price and the ability to see the most beautiful locations. The majority of patients do not choose a location that provides an all-inclusive package of the greatest care, no language obstacles, easy communication, and living and travelling at affordable rates. India tops the worldwide market for medical tourism because it perfectly aligns with all of these factors.

Travelers from all over the world have come to favors medical tourism in India over other destinations in order to receive the best medical care, revitalize, and recharge. The best medical services available in India include packages for health and rejuvenation as well as alternative medicine. Orthopedic, weight-loss, spine, cancer, bariatric or weight-loss procedures, cosmology, genecology, neurology, leukemia, etc. are some of the greatest medical treatments available in India.

Reasons why India is a good destination for medical tourism

People from all over the world like to go to India to receive medical care for a variety of reasons.

The saving of money

The cost aspect is the cornerstone of medical tourism. The key issue is access to affordable healthcare. When compared to other industrialized nations, medical treatment for a certain condition is less expensive in India. According to estimates, patients might receive the same therapy for between 30% and 80% less money in India than in a developed western nation. The price of the procedure, hospital fees, travel costs, medication costs, and lodging costs are all within the reach of the medical traveler. For a patient undergoing a medical operation that the insurance provider does not cover or for a person who does not have insurance, the cost of medical care might vary greatly.

Availability of high quality medical care

In the past, a patient could have been reluctant to accept therapy when receiving medical care in India. But during the past two decades, India has emerged as the leader in providing the best healthcare. The Indian government has worked very hard to guarantee that medical services are of the highest caliber. It has established the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) as a national accrediting body. The highest international certification and accreditation criteria are guaranteed by this organization.

It confirms that all medical institutions follow the best standards and are comparable to those in other industrialized nations. More than 500 hospitals in India currently hold NABH accreditation. The US certification body JCI, or Joint Commission International, has granted accreditation to around 36 hospitals. Hospitals with JCI accreditation follow the same strict guidelines as hospitals in the US. The healthcare system in India is one of the greatest in the world. Therefore, patients choosing medical tourism may be confident they will receive the best care possible in India at a low cost.

A waiting period of at least one day or none at all

In the majority of serious medical situations, the patient is powerless to delay treatment and must receive it right away. International patients who have chosen to go to India for medical treatment are provided quick access to the necessary medical care. They are put on the list of priorities. In India, there are often no waiting periods for medical services. Western nations have waiting times that are weeks or months longer than in India. It’s beneficial to get operations finished as soon as possible to prevent difficulties and health problems in the future. Instead of waiting for therapy in their own countries, many patients choose India to have the operations completed more quickly. Almost always, the setting is prepared for the patient when they arrive for therapy.

The language barrier is nonexistent

English is one of India’s official languages. English is the primary language used for spoken communication throughout the country. Communication would be simple for medical tourists as English is frequently used in India’s hospitals. As an alternative, several translators and interpreters provide their services. The majority of them are conversant with medical jargon since they have all had medical care. It makes it more simple for patients to obtain medical care.

Medical professionals with experience

Not only is India a hub of first-rate facilities, but it is also home to some of the most known and acclaimed physicians in the world who are pioneers in their therapeutic specialties. Numerous allopathic physicians, nurses, surgeons, and Ayurvedic physicians are available. In Southern Asia, India boasts the greatest pool of medical specialists. The majority of physicians in India have received their training and experience at some of the most famous medical institutions in the US, the UK, and other industrialized nations. As a result, doctors in India are exceptionally skilled in giving patients from other nations the greatest care.


Getting top-notch medical care at reasonable prices is the main goal of medical tourism. With it, a person can also get the chance to visit another nation. Not all medical tourists to India are in life-threatening situations or are confined to beds; some are looking for dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, etc. They may also travel about the nation and take in India’s natural splendor, culture, and way of life. Apart from receiving medical care, one of the primary benefits of travelling to India for medical reasons is the opportunity to travel throughout this fascinating nation with family.

To tour India, any time of year is ideal. The majority of India’s illustrious hospitals are found in major cities. And virtually every international city is well-connected by air to all of these major cities. Additionally, any medical tourist can afford the flight prices to India. To provide hassle-free admission for all medical patients and their companions, the requirements for medical visas have been streamlined. The medical visa requires repeated entries as well as extended stays.

India’s leading medical tourism provider: ShinonGlobal

India’s medical tourism industry has grown significantly during the last ten years. In the past, medical tourism from abroad used to come to India just for treatment. But things are different now. Now, medical tourists want to take advantage of a full package that includes high-quality care, convenient travel, affordable prices, simple communication, and travel to see the country. India is known for providing high-quality healthcare at reasonable prices. Contact the finest Service Provider, which is – ShinonGlobal. while arranging medical care in India. Before they travel to India, patients may use this platform to have a video and audio consultation with the doctor.

Before making the important decision, choose to consult ShinonGlobal to get second thoughts. Some of the most renowned and accomplished doctors in the nation are on the ShinonGlobal panel. They are connected to a number of prestigious Indian hospitals. The main brand’s tagline, “Serve our clients,” has earned the utmost respect from its customers. With this goal in mind, they are not only focusing on the medical tourists’ healthcare needs but are also offering full support for all of their requirements.

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