Merino wool socks are no-itch socks

Wool socks, the most popular men’s socks, cover your ankle and reach a point at the middle or bottom of most men’s calf muscles. There are Merino wool socks for every season since they come in various fabrics.

According to villain inside Wool and other natural fibers have a terrible reputation. Yes, they gave you a sense of being closer to nature. But you also had the impression of being in an Itchy & Scratchy Show episode. Wearing wool in the past was uncomfortable, thick, and itchy. And once it was wet, drying took an eternity.

We provide no-itch wool:

Wool, but not as you would generally know it. Enter merino, a silky, opulent wool that naturally rivals synthetics for performance. You guessed it: very lightweight, stink-free, itchy-free, and silky-soft. With its natural, renewable, and biodegradable credentials, this fiber from the Southern Alps of New Zealand outsmarted synthetic fibers.

Pure and gentle:

Today, our superfine merino wool is still one of the most natural and soft fibers available for clothing. What, though, makes it so alluring to wear close to your skin? We refer to our merino as luscious for a reason.

The micrometer is the critical factor:

Endure with us as we have become a little more technical now. Wool fibers are measured in microns, or micrometers, in width. The yarn is finer the lower the micron value. For comparison, human hair is around 50 microns in diameter. A merino fiber called an icebreaker measures 15.5 to 19 microns. Why are we discussing microns with you? Well, size does matter regarding how soft the material is to wear.

And in this instance, more minor is preferable.

Why does merino wool not itch, yet other thread does?

Smaller or finer fibers, like merino, feel more pleasant against the skin because they flex under pressure. The ends of traditional wool fibers irritate the delicate nerve endings in your dermis because they are thicker and stay firm against your skin. They feel genuinely prickly because coarse threads sting your skin. Look at what we accomplished there! Therefore, merino may be gentle enough to wear if you have sensitive skin.

Selecting just the finest:

Our merino producers, who hand-select only the finest fibers for us, are an integral part of our team. A single merino sheep will have strands in its fleece that range in breadth. However, only the ultrafine ones are used for icebreaker attire. They have a good quality socks

You’ll be beloved by your skin:

An icebreaker is a fantastic option for your next-to-skin layers, whether for everyday use, active days, or on your trips, thanks to these superfine merino fibers. They naturally repel smells, don’t itch or irritate, and wick sweat. Merino feels soft and complements your skin, whether you’re looking for a base layer for winter warmth, underwear for the house or on the road, socks for everyday wear, or hitting the trail.

We have some prejudice, of course. Merino is a great fiber. Therefore, it makes us very happy when you share this opinion. For instance, “Purdy” described our Crush leggings as “A hug for your legs,” while “Brick” was astounded by the versatility of comfort in our Tech Lite T-shirt, saying, “Soft, comfy, flattering, and keep me warm and cool! What sort of magic is this?” 

How to keep merino wool supple:

After spending money on a soft, luxury icebreaker, you’ll want to take care of it to keep it looking great use after wear. Adhere to a few care guidelines.

Merino wool socks are inherently soft. Therefore, adding additional softeners will reduce the performance of your machine wash and dry. After drying flat in the shade, fold it aside for the next time.

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