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Are You Looking For New Tyres for Your Car That Are Suitable For The Summer?

You will most often come across summer tyres while searching for different kinds of Cheap Tyres Birmingham on the marketplace. For your comfort and ease, we provide a comprehensive range of summer tyres to choose from.

Typical characteristics of summer tyres

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the selection of summer tyres as the standard choice for millions of vehicles on the road today.

The following are some of the more general qualities of summer tyres that our customers find to be appealing, and these qualities contribute to their popularity.

Above 7 degrees Celsius, they tend to maintain a consistent performance. These tyres also have the highest durability rating of the bunch. If you take care of them and maintain them properly, you may certainly get 5–6 years of use out of them.

Rubber compounds used in the production of summer tyres tend to be more robust. When heat climb, it prevents the tyres from distorting their original design and bending out of form.

They have shallow grooves. These are excellent for reducing the buildup of heat. Additionally, this implies that they possess a somewhat lower friction force than other tyres. When it comes to the cost of gasoline, these Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham might help you save rather a few dollars.

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Why should you select us?

Our service has the confidence of thousands of drivers. This is because we have an impeccable track record of providing first-rate items. In addition to that, we offer what is possibly the most complete supply of summer tyres available from any major participant in this business.

All automotive tyres supplied in the UK must have the EU tyre label that applies to them. When you come to our shop to buy a new set of automobile tyres, you will see that each of the components has its tyre label attached to it. Customers can make better decisions as a result of this.

What exactly is a label for EU tyres?

The EU tyre marking is mandatory. It displays a variety of important facts about that specific automobile tyre. This covers aspects related to ecology and safety, such as the amount of fuel economy, the amount of stopping length (on wet roadways), as well as noise control.

Here at our auto shop, we mark every set of tyres with the appropriate information. In addition, we carry only the highest quality items in our inventory. They often have grades ranging from “A” to “E” on them.

Taking a look at the label on an EU tyre

You must be able to interpret the information on the EU tyre labelling. Whenever you come to see us, there will always be at least one expert available to help you. However, before you begin your search for a new pair of automobile tyres, you need to have a solid understanding of what every one of the criteria entails.

Let’s have a peek.

Fuel efficiency

This grade indicates the rate of fuel usage that a specific automobile tyre experiences. A higher-rated unit will provide improved gas economy as well as efficiency gains in its use of energy.

Wet grip

The wet grip grade is also another important aspect of EU tyre labelling. It demonstrates how the tyre will behave while driving on a surface that is wet from the rain. When choosing tyres, you must prioritise those with a high wet grip grade. This occurs as a result of the sharp rise in braking distance that occurs with each grade.

Sound level

It’s the level of noise produced by the tyres of a certain vehicle while driving on dry pavement. 

You must choose the tyre that has the highest rating that you can locate. During times of severe weather, you will be able to maintain your safety in this manner. In addition to that, it is the least polluting to the surrounding area. You are welcome to stop by whenever it is convenient for you. We have a wide variety of premium tyres for cars from many various brands. They are all obtainable at costs that are suitable for a limited spending plan.

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Every one of our tyres has an EU tyre rating that is better than average. This implies that you can be certain that they will provide you with excellent assistance and that your ride will be faultless each time you step behind the wheel. 

In addition, we provide a competent tyre fitting service, both onsite and on-call for customers’ convenience. We provide a mail-order service for summer tyres, so you may place your purchase with us. We will make arrangements for delivery to your residence. After that, we will attach them appropriately to your vehicle. Give us a call right now to place an order for your summer tyres.

We’re known as one of the best auto repair shops around. We’ve been taking care of and servicing customers’ vehicles for a decade.

We are now the town’s major provider of factory-fresh auto parts for all types and brands of automobiles. 

What we provide

The producers of each of our tyres certify that they are brand new, and they are available in a variety of quality standards and pricing points. Our facility sells many types of tyres, including summer, winter, all-season, as well as performance models. We provide our clients access to all the extra features that come with these tyres.

We want to build a reputation for being the most dependable and well-known service facility in the area.

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