Online Assignment Help Tips to Use Literary Devices

Literary devices allow the writer to convey better meaning to their writing. Through it, they can go beyond their writing and elevate their story or plot. There are tons of literary devices you can use to enhance your writing. Understanding each one can be a bit confusing. You can connect with an online assignment help service experts to learn the usage of different devices. 

Some of these devices work at the sentence level, while others work on the entire writing. Authors leverage multiple literary devices in tandem to brighten their writing. This article will tell you more about using seven different types of literary devices.


7 Types of Literary Devices and Ways of Using Them

If you want to improve your writing, using these devices is a must. Here is how to correctly employ them. 


The allegory’s meaning can be used to describe a hidden message or a moral. It is a figure of speech conveying complicated ideas simply. You can talk about controversial ideas using this literary device in your writing.

This literary device has been used in various ways, from children’s books to adult fiction. For example, in Animal Farm, George Orwell uses a story about farm animals to comment on totalitarianism and the Russian Revolution. If you need assistance in identifying this literary device in your readings, you can seek assignment help from an expert.


It is a literary and figurative device to develop a sharp image of something. When you use it, you write in a manner that appeals to all five senses of the reader. It makes the writing more dynamic and interesting. Some good examples include the following:

  • The tree spread its enormous sun-speckled shoulders.
  • The air around us smelled crisp and precise when we went near the jungle.


A metaphor is a device that directly compares two unrelated things. Using it, you give the reader an image that clarifies your writing to them. For example, if you write the tree is the spiritual center of the jungle, your reader will understand the significance of the size of the tree.

If you want to explore more metaphors and use them correctly, feel free to connect with assignment help online.

Extended metaphor 

This function is to build evocative images into your writing. It consists of the tenor and the vehicle. The former is the core idea with which the metaphor begins. The vehicle is the second concept which the metaphor figuratively compares the first concept to. 

You can clearly understand it by the following example.

All the World’s a Stage is a metaphor from William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It.’ Here, the ‘world’ is a tenor, and the ‘stage’ is a vehicle. 


This literary device gives human attributes to a non-human object. It functions to present an idea more imaginatively and vibrantly. One of the greatest examples of it is the children’s rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle.’ In it, a cow jumps over the moon. 

Personification allows you to see things from another perspective. Giving inanimate objects and animals human qualities lets you grab the reader’s attention. If you want to understand it more in the context of your topic, seek online assignment help


This literary device uses ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare two objects. It, in turn, separates the elements of this device. Also called indirect comparisons, they are similar to metaphors but imply a distinct meaning. You can use them as supporting devices with metaphors. 

Some examples of similes include:

  • The tree is like the lord of the forest. You can also write this example as the tree functions as the lord of the forest.


Writers use humor, exaggeration, and irony to create a powerful satire. It is a humorous way of making fun of powerful things. In the past, writers have used it to comment on political institutions. For example, Brett Easton Ellis wrote ‘American Psycho.’ It describes capitalism with extreme exaggerations of consumption and masculine anger. 

Summing up

Use these literary devices and make your writing exceptional. You will certainly enhance the quality of your writing and your essay scores. Consider an online assignment help service if you need more clarification on any of them. 

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