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Plan the Best Birthday Party for Your Baby Girl

Grab some bedazzled tiaras and lay out the glittered carpet. A fantastical princess-themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite little princess’s birthday!

A Disney Princess classic would have the princess covered in pink tulle or a birthday princess dress from the best kids, infant clothing online , sparkles, and ribbons. What’s the point of limiting your creativity? With our Party Shop, you will find a variety of princess birthday party ideas to suit every princess’ personality. You’ll also find matching invitations and party supplies that fit perfectly with any princess party theme.

Party themes for princesses 101: a princess’ personality

Choosing a theme is the first step to ensuring that the birthday princess’ party shines as brightly as she does. You’ll never run out of flouncy dresses and crowns with any of the following princess themed party ideas. 

Try giving your princess party a unique spin, such as:

It is always a good idea to consult the birthday princess if the party will not be a surprise, so they can help with themes and planning. Your child is sure to come up with an amazing number of princess party ideas-“Frozen” birthday anyone?

 -Perhaps they have already thought of the perfect princess crossover party idea.

There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing colors for your princess

Most princesses love pink, as is well known. You can choose one tiara to wear to every single ball for the rest of your reign, but why? Limiting the palette of your princess party to a single color is like picking one tiara to wear to every single ball.

Consider combining some equally lovely colors for your princess party decoration scheme, such as:

Colors that are as strong and bright as the princesses themselves can make their eyes sparkle at the sight of gleaming gemstones in red, green, and royal blue.

It’s perfect for snowball fights, sledding, snowman-making, and a nod to ethereal ice princesses and winter queens.

The green and gold color scheme is perfect for the forest princess who loves jumping puddles and climbing trees.

Princesses who hold a true fairy heart (and who aren’t opposed to getting some wings) deserve pink, lavender, and silver. Princesses who prefer garden tea parties and daisy crowns over diamonds will love pastel pink, green, blue, and yellow.  For princesses who turn frogs into princes with their wand-waving imaginations.

Decorations and supplies to set the royal scene

 Decorate your birthday party locale, ahem, castle. To make every pint-sized guest feel like a king or queen, you’ll also need some regal accessories.

 Here are five categories to help you organize your decorations:

You can add some real princess pizazz to your party space with streamers and garlands. Add a royal touch to your fairytale-themed party with a Princess Garland or Pastel Crepe Paper Streamers.

Make your princess party even more memorable by choosing balloons in creative shapes-such as the Pink Balloon Cloud Kit or the Magical Princess Castle Mylar Balloon.

 You can serve the royal birthday cake up on dynasty-worthy tableware even if your princess does not yet appreciate fine silver and crystal goblets. For example, some matching Princess Plates and Princess Napkins would be the perfect combination to serve up the birthday cake.

A princess party wouldn’t be complete without crowns and party hats. Party hats and crowns with glitter are favorite party accessories.  

A glowing, on-theme crown will enhance the taste of any princess cake, whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Make your own princess cake topper or use these Magical Princess Candles.

Your young guests will have a princess party souvenir to remember if you send them home with princess party favors (such as temporary tattoos or Magical Princess stickers).

If you plan to celebrate the birthday of your little princess in an enchanting way, both she and her party guests will have some enchanting memories and you will have a blast planning her birthday