Sharon Deflorio

Sharon Deflorio Offers a General Guideline for Party Attire and Dress Codes

Part attire can be extremely exciting to assemble. After all, fashion and parties have gone hand in hand since time immemorial. A number of stunning and memorable outfits can be seen at the hip and glamorous parties.

Sharon Deflorio, however, points out that the approach to selecting an outfit should be different for each party. While selecting outfits for cocktail and dinner parties can be simple, one needs to make a bit more effort when assembling an attire for a black or white-tie event.

Sharon Deflorio provides pointers on how to dress up for diverse parties and events

When talking about dressing up for parties, it would be ideal to start off with black tie events. These events are all about formal wear, tuxedos, and gowns in particular. Traditionally, the black-tie event meant that all the attendees had to wear something black. But with time, this notion has evolved.

Now a number of festive colors are welcome in black-tie functions. Such events usually are an evening wedding or gala where one has to dress to impress. Lavish fabrics and floor-length hemlines with lace and beading will be ideal for black-tie functions. Anyone wearing simpler formal dresses should pair it up with bold shoes or bags. If someone does not prefer dresses, they can also opt for elegantly tailored pantsuits.

White-tie events call for the fanciest outfits. Hence, one needs to be prepared to pull out all the stops after getting invited into one. Full-length evening gowns are ideal for white-tie events. One must opt for pared-back and elegant designs for such functions. They also need to make sure that the gown is fitted by a tailor and splurge on make-up and hair for a perfect look.

Sharon Deflorio points out that events having cocktail or semi-formal dress codes allow for more silhouettes and colors than black-tie or white-tie functions. However, to make a statement, one needs to flaunt a dressy outfit in such situations. Cocktail dresses that have attractive necklines or sleeves will be perfect for this purpose and help create a bold and playful look.

One should look for festive details and dynamic silhouettes when selecting cocktail or semi-formal attire. If one has a statement shoe to show off, then wearing a dress with a shorter hemline will be a prudent option.

The dressy casual or smart casual dress code has quite a laid-back tone. It is often applied to networking events in a professional or casual setting. Many house parties may also have such a dress code. A floor-length gown will be too much for such events. Hence, one should stick to separates and shorter dresses. Accessories can be helpful in leveling up the style quotient in these functions.

Parties that celebrate engagements, anniversaries, and birthdays typically call for festive attire. Anything that makes a person feel fabulous can be worn at such events. One should ponder over the details of the event, including location and season, to identify the best fabrics and colors to wear. However, silhouettes can range from minimalist maxis and fun midis to flirty minis.