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Sparkle Your Bathroom Tiles In 5 Easy Steps

Bathroom Tiles

Slimy bathroom tiles may be hard to deal with if the cleanup is hindered. Here are some painless tips to clean those grimy tiles!

Borax Helps A Lot

Deep clean the bathroom often and don’t overlook the tiles when you do so. The intense accumulation of dirt on the tiles cannot be eliminated easily. So, clean up the mess as quickly as possible. The more the delay, the more demanding the cleanup. Why resort to dangerous chemicals when you can bring back the glowing tiles with the natural cleaning agents at home?

Borax is one such amazing non-toxic agent, used to get away with the stubborn dirt and filth on the tiles. This alkaline product does not just clean, but also deodorises and disinfects the area. Take some borax powder in a bowl. Dip the wet sponge into the bowl and rub the surface gently.

Use Lemon

If you have got some lemons at home, all the grime and grout on the sparkling tiles can be removed effortlessly. Lemon juice is an excellent stain remover and can be used to clean up the tiles. There is no better and easier way to tackle the arrogant dirt on the bathroom tiles. The number of lemons required will depend on the severity of the crud.

Lemon juice and baking soda are the only ingredients required to tackle the muddy tiles. Locate the affected spots first. Use lemon slices, rub and scrub the area. Mix some baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl. Use a sponge and wipe down the muck.

Vinegar Is Useful

The acidic property of vinegar helps rid mildew, molds, bacteria and dirt. Vinegar can help remove water spots, soap scum, and mineral deposits. This is considered to be the most cost-efficient and effective tile cleaning hack. Water, white vinegar, a sponge and a spray bottle are needed for this trick.

Into the spray bottle, add water and white vinegar in an equal proportion. Give the mixture a good shake so that the elements dissolve completely. Spray the DIY cleaning agent on the desired spots. Spotless tiles will no longer be a far-fetched reality.

Speak To The Cleaning Proficients

An expert can quickly resolve the issue and get you back a pristine bathroom. It is always good to resort to house cleaning experts for help if the situation slips out of hand. A cleaning expert with robust expertise can work on the tiles and kick off the dirt, dust and grime in no time.

How to identify the most promising and reliable cleaning freaks from the hundreds in town? A simple browse can definitely help you out! Spend some time researching the best and most affordable cleaning agencies in town. Consider the budget, quality of cleaning services, insurance, and licenses too.

Give Baking Soda A Try

Baking soda works wonders when it comes to cleaning bathroom tiles. Vinegar or lemon juice when mixed with baking soda forms an effective stain remover. To a bowl filled with baking soda, dip a damp sponge. Keep wiping the tiles until you get the desired results.

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