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The best  gaming desktop with a range of functionalities

The Alienware Aurora 2019 gaming desktop has earned immense recognition for the reason that it is equipped with its high-quality hardware and premium design. Dell has already launched an impressive collection of gaming-focused laptops. These laptops are always well-regarded for their high-end specifications and performance. In addition to that, these systems offer a unique value proposition with customizability in terms of function.

Key Specifications of Alienware Aurora R8 2019

A basic overview of the specifications will let you have a basic idea of what this desktop machine is:

  • Processor: Intel 9th Generation Core i7
  • Motherboard: Intel Z370
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 2933 MHz
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • Storage: 512GB SSD NVME
  • Cooling System: Liquid

Points to consider that make the gaming system unique

  • Exterior

Alienware aurora review 2019 highlights that you will notice the exterior of this machine and get the idea that it presents one of the best and most unique designs. The design is so eye-catching and refreshing. What makes the design even more impressive is that it presents LED ring light on the front side. There is an option for customizing it. Also, you will fall in love with their signature alien logo. Looking at the sides will make you feel mesmerized by them. Also, it’s worth noting that the Alienware name is engraved and has a LED light. Build quality is also very premium and sturdy. Rest assured, you will never feel that it is made of cheap material.

  • Internal Specifications

Rest assured that the company didn’t compromise on installing the best specifications inside. Building a gaming desktop with some remarkable features isn’t a tough task. Alienware aurora gaming desktop 2019 comes with a Core i7 9th generation processor. What makes the system Ienware aurora 2019 better is that it is sufficient to run the latest games run most heavy applications requiring high processing power.16GB of DDR4 with a 2933Hz operating frequency ensure that it has the ability to handle extensive tasks easily.

Other specifications that you will find with this system include the 512GB of SSD storage space and Nvidia GeForce 8GB RTX 2070, supporting 4K gaming capabilities. Also, these units have ray tracing technologies. See very realistic graphics equipped with better colors and accuracy. Rest assured that with this system, there are no lag and glitches.

  • Cooling

What makes the system quite favorable over the competitors is that the exterior of the body is just not more appealing to the eyes but also offers more space for the two vents. With the system, you get the guarantee that the chassis is designed to ensure efficient airflow for better circulation. Get better usage with no disturbing sound. Also, it allows for doing extensive tasks on it.

Final words

Alienware desktops remain high-performance. In addition to that, these systems are unique, with optional configurations. What makes these systems favorable is that they meet tailored needs in different scenarios. The Alienware Aurora R8 2019 gaming desktop provides features that none else provides.