Things To Look Out For In A Glazing Company

When it comes to building our own house or renovating old ones, we pay great attention to everything we need. These range from the glazing, doors, and even paint and colour. When it comes to glazing and its installation, we opt for quality products that would last long and prove effective in terms of security and energy efficiency. Choosing the right glazing products for your home or commercial property pays off.

Similarly, we should also pay equal attention when choosing a glazing company. One of the main criteria for choosing an efficient and reliable glazing company is the delivery of their service and their dedication and efficiency. It is not just enough to choose a glazing company that has the name and fame. They should be able to provide trustworthy service in their installation, repairs and even supply of glazing products. Below are five things to be on the lookout for if you want to hire a glazing company.

Financial Stability

It is not exactly easy to figure out a company’s financial standing, especially when you have not had the chance to work with them already. Contrary to what most people think, several businesses do not survive long enough to continue delivering services to those who need them. This is due to the competition that they face in the business sector.

Fortunately, there are ways to determine the financial standing of a business or establishment. One of them is their establishment in the public eye, such as consumers/ clients, and their membership in corporate bodies relating to their field. This means that a company or business can be considered legitimate. And trustworthy if there are reputable people to vouch for their services and if they are members of relevant corporate bodies.

Additionally, certain corporate bodies and organisations make financial stability a criterion for obtaining their membership. For example, to obtain membership in the Glass and Glazing Federation, a glazing company must have been in the business for at least three years. They must have undeniable proof of their financial capabilities.

Code of conduct

Professional service and exceptional customer service is one of the important things expected of professional glazing companies and glaziers. Unfortunately, such services cannot be guaranteed unless you have worked with such companies before.

Several homeowners do not know the right kind of materials to use for their homes. And hence depend on the expert opinion of the professionals. For this reason, it is important to seek out companies that have a strong code of conduct. A good code of conduct regulates the activities and services rendered by the company. These include the products they supply, the services they render, the guarantee they offer and even the survey of your home.

Cancellation terms/Cooling off period

You should always read the terms and conditions of every contract carefully before signing them. In the contract, take note of the cancellation terms and what product or service they apply to. Every contract should have a cooling-off period, which is the time frame after signing the contract where the contract can be cancelled by either party without a penalty.

Several glazing companies do not offer a cooling-off period. Still, all glazing companies under the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)offer the cooling-off period. The major reason why some companies do not offer the cooling-off period is that the material for glazing work would have to be manufactured specifically for the dimensions of your property. Because of this, a 7 – day cooling-off period is offered by companies under the GGF for the made-to-measure materials. This cooling-off period starts from the day the contract is signed.

Guarantees and Warranties

It is important to know the product or material you are buying for your home. If it is a door frame or window frame, find out the shelf life and warranty of the materials before purchasing them. This is important because it saves you disappointment later on.

Companies under GGF offer 10 years warranty for all glazing products used for replacement and installation. Be rest assured that you will also receive all relevant information about the warranty and any conditions attached to it.

Procedure for complaints and disputes

Regardless of a company’s professional service and standards, there will be disputes, even if it is a rare occurrence. Although some companies have an established platform for that, it cannot hurt to be so sure. You can always check if there is a platform ready and capable of resolving it. A reliable glazing company should have a procedure to take down and resolve complaints. Suppose the company cannot resolve such issues. There should be measures to ensure the matter is referred to a more suitable platform.

Having a reliable glazing company in charge of the maintenance, installation and replacement of glazing products. If you need the services of commercial glazing specialists, then you can contact us at SG Commercial Glaziers London for help.

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