Bungee jumping, an exciting new adventure, is becoming increasingly popular in India. India is a country where adventure tourism has taken root. This means that bungee jumping is gaining popularity and there are many other places you can enjoy a relaxing ride. Below are the top five bungee jumping spots in India.


You can bungee jump in Rishikesh’s ‘adventure capital’. Take a taxi from Jolly Grant airport and drive to Mohan Chatti. Important reminder: Book your slots early to avoid delays. Jumpin’ Heights is closed Tuesdays. After you arrive, the experts will give you some training and instructions. Then, you will be pushed up from a high point and free to fall through the air. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of snow-covered mountains and lush green valleys from Jumppin Heights. You can bungee jump for Rs. 3,550 You can go bungee jumping for Rs. 3,550


You can enjoy the thrilling experience of bungee jumping at this Lonavala adventure park. You can enjoy the thrill of bungee-jumping here for Rs.2,500. There are over 50 rides and attractions to enjoy at the park. The jump will take you to a height of 150 feet. The flight takes about 7-10 minutes. Enjoy the beauty of the Naturescape and enjoy flying free. What will you get in return for jumping successfully? You will receive a certificate proving that you have overcome your fears! That’s awesome! You don’t need to worry about safety. We will give you detailed instructions before you jump in for a safe and enjoyable experience at one the most popular bungee jumping spots in India.


Ozone Adventures is the best place to go bungee jumping. It’s located at St.Marks Road in Bangalore. You can fly to Bangalore, then take a cab or bus for 10 minutes to get there. It’s easy! Fly to Bangalore and then take a cab or bus to reach this place in 10 minutes. You must be 18-80 years old and weigh between 35 and 110 kg. As you get closer to ground, you will be pulled up for the swing. You can feel your adrenaline pumping during your flight. Here’s the good news: This center charges Rs. 400 for bungee jumping in India. 400 per person.


You can now go bungee jumping at the capital of India to feel the thrill. To try this activity, visit the Wanderlust Adventure Sports Center. The center is about half an hour from Delhi’s airport. You can also easily hire a taxi to get you there. Here’s an interesting fact: After you have completed the adrenaline-inducing jump, you will receive a certificate, hat and a T-shirt that says “I did!” After you have completed the adrenaline-inducing jump you will be presented with a certificate, a cap, and a T-shirt that says “I did , Of course, the thrill of viewing everything from above and the enjoyment of the performance make the danger worthwhile. It costs Rs.1,500 per person.


You can choose to bungee jump from Rs. 3,550 to Rs.4,550. You can ask operators to take photos and videos of your bungee jumps. This will cost you an additional fee.


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