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Top 5 OTP SMS Service Providers in the Market

Due to growing privacy and security concerns, businesses must always use an OTP SMS service to authenticate logins and other financial transactions. Generally, the OTPs are time-sensitive and contain a string of numeric or alphanumeric characters.

Companies should exercise caution when selecting a specific route to avoid fraudulent practices and scammers. Various leading companies provide quick and secure SMS OTP verification services to validate a user. 

This article will go through the top  OTP authentication service providers and discuss how businesses can select the most reliable service provider to secure their customers.

The Leading OTP Authentication Service Providers 

By sending OTP through SMS, businesses can enhance their system’s security without imposing complexity. Only a good OTP service provider can effectively help businesses implement the customer onboarding process or any other transaction.

Here are the top OTP SMS service providers that businesses can use to secure their operations:


Mtalkz is the most dependable OTP SMS service provider that offers a dedicated route for authenticating a user. It combines robust API and AES 256 algorithms, making it a simple and reliable way to reach consumers.


Gupshup is a leading communication service provider started in 2004 and offers good experiences in marketing, sales and support. In addition, it offers excellent OTP services to support two-factor authentication for spam-proof login and other transactions.


Textlocal offers an imaginative customer journey with multichannel messaging solutions. They offer best-in-class delivery with fine gateway routing technology. Further,  their OTP authentication service comes with excellent customer support, which makes everything simple.


BulkSMS was started to revolutionise the mobile industry. It has been helping large and small businesses, public benefit organisations and individuals by providing SMS OTP verification. In addition, they offer extra layers of security for a transaction in the OTP gateway.


Fast2SMS provides communication services to individuals, businesses, marketing firms, retailers, and players in the education sector. They provide a low-cost, high-quality OTP SMS service with real-time delivery reports for increased operational effectiveness.

How to Choose an OTP SMS Service Provider?

Businesses must make sure they consider the best service provider for seamless OTP sending for business consistency to increase their operational efficiency. When choosing the best OTP service provider, consider the following considerations:

  • OTP delivery speed should be quick, ideally about 15 seconds, to avoid keeping customers waiting too long.
  • It should provide 24/7 customer service so users can transact whenever it is most convenient.
  • For service to operate effectively, it must provide a sufficient number of attempts.
  • Lastly, it must offer all the mediums of sending the OTP, including voice, email and SMS, whichever is preferable by the customer.

Simple, Credible, and Cost-effective SMS OTP Verification Service

That’s how the OTP services help scale up the business and get it to the next level. We have listed the best OTP providers for all your SMS needs. They use simple APIs to get secure validations for your applications and website.

Mtalkz provides an SLA-based service in which 95% of OTPs are delivered within 30 seconds. In addition, it offers a specialised service where OTP deliveries happen in under 15 seconds. Utilise the Mtalkz OTP Authenticator API to provide secure OTP authentication to your applications.