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Top Local Databases for React Native App Development

Native App Development

React Native has successfully established itself as a 0cross-platform mobile application development solution throughout the years. This has created a range of technology stacks around it and made it important to define the foremost suitable database for the actual project. Thus, today we would like to showcase the most effective databases to use for React Native mobile app development

Top 5 Databases for React Native Development


PouchDB is an open-source JavaScript database. It stores data in JSON format and allows all CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations to be queried and mutated with a straightforward JavaScript API.

PouchDB is a lightweighted as a dependency of just 46kB when gzipped. Securing data is straightforward when using PouchDB because the local database for a React Native app. it’s an inbuilt authentication framework for React Native, and it offers features like storing the password in hash form using the PBKDF2 crypto algorithm (a standard key derivation function) to safeguard encrypted keys from brute force attacks. It also supports SSL, which suggests that the info may be easily encrypted using AES256.


Vasern database is an open-source suitable for React Native apps. it’s an information storage tool for React Native that has linked-consistent key-value stores. Its data engine is made natively to attain native performance. The API of this database isn’t just made for local data storage but also for synchronizing the clients of a particular app.

It supports cloud storage and provides end-to-end database synchronization. The database mainly focuses on the convenience of development, performance, and dependency size. All basic data types are supported by this database. it’s its own id implementation and requires a schema to be set to assist Documents define its properties data type and validate records.

Firebase Realtime Database

The Real–Time Database it’s a cloud-hosted database where the info is saved as JSON and uses real-time synchronization to succeed in all the connected clients. When using its Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs to develop cross-platform apps, every client share one instance of the Firebase Realtime Database and acquires the most recent updates automatically and Using the Firebase database, developers can build rich, collaborative apps with safe and direct access to the database.


Realm was developed as an area database for offline and real-time mobile applications. it’s not built with an object-relational mapping and has been built on top of the SQLite with its own database engine. Thus, makes it an object-oriented database instead of a relational database which is why it’s highly appreciated among the developers for high-performance cross-platform mobile applications with large amounts of information.


WatermelonDB is an open-source database for react native. The database is potentially capable of scaling various records in an accurate manner, without losing its speed. it’s primarily designed for React Native because it can easily handle the information persistence on low-end devices.

Another USP of WatermelonDB that’s vital in increasing the performance is that each one queries here are often resolved easily. As nothing gets loaded on react native database until missive of invitation is created, all queries are performed directly on the database.