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Money plants scientifically known as Epipremnum Aureum, are of various types. Money plants can be grown under various conditions. They can be grown both on land and soil. These plants of various types with a slight difference in each type. The most famous types of money plants are mentioned below

The golden money plant is also called as Golden Pothos or the Devil’s Ivy. These money plants have a patch of yellow in their eaves and it stands highly decorative in nature. Since they have a great visual appeal, they are mostly used as decorative plants in fences and instead of hedges. These money plants are very resilient in nature. They can thrive even under extreme hard conditions and can go on for a long time without water. Thus, the most common type of money plant is the golden money plant.

The marble queen money plant is yet another famous money plant. The leaves of this money plant are very unique as they have a creamy shade with streaks of white in it. These plants need a lot of exposure to the direct sunlight. Sunlight is of utmost importance as they ensure that the plant retains it attractive coloration. Thus, a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight is vital. The marble queen is easily available and quite easy to grow, making it one of the most preferred types of money plant.

These money plants have the famous coin shaped leaves which is associated with money plants. The leaves are of a dark green hue, which makes the plant look attractive. This kind of money plant is tropical in nature and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The jade plant is also very resilient in nature and does not require much care and attention. It can survive with minimum water and can thrive even when there is less exposure to sunlight. Due to such easy care, the jade plant ranks as one of the popular money plants.

Out of all the varieties of money plant, the split leaf money plant has the largest leaves. The spilt leaf money plant can thrive with minimum water. It does not require much sunlight and thus holds as one of the greatest indoor plants. The leaves are quite big and have splits in between them, making them visually appealing, however, these plants tend to take more nutrients and thus, may affect the growth of the plant nearby. Thus, they ought to be grown in isolate pots or in case they are grown alongside other plants, sufficient nutrients are to be provided.

These plants are yet another type of striking plants. They appear bright and lush. The leaves are a light shade of green and yellow. The neon green hue of these leaves makes the plant as one of the preferred decorative plants. The leaves at a young age tend to be brighter. S the leaf ages, it tends to turn in to a darker hue.

This type is called as Swiss cheese money plant as they have an appearance of Swiss cheese. The leaves are naturally perforated and glossy, giving it as aesthetic look. Though these plants tend to grow better outdoors due to sunlight, they can also be grown indoors.

There are various types of money plants, each differing on their appearance and characteristics. The money plant is chosen and grown according to the desire and need. Each plant has its own distinctive feature making it attractive.

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