Use the latest microblading equipment and techniques for beautiful brows

The natural expression of the face becomes bright, expressive and intelligent thanks to beautiful eyebrows. Badly shaped or irregularly plucked eyebrows are a source of confusion and sadness for many. People often tamper with their natural shape to look better. They try to improve their appearance with eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel or tattoos.

Hairy, bold, thin, straight, arched or arched eyebrows, there are many sizes, but the choice is personal. The development of science and technology has developed an innovative method for semi-permanent dyeing, and it is called microblading, i.e. eyebrow embroidery.

With Microblading you can improve your appearance

and you don’t have to worry about the appearance of Highlighter. Semi-permanent pigments and microblading supplies, when used creatively by a trained esthetician, can produce shiny hair that looks natural.

Eyebrow microblading, i.e. eyebrow embroidery, is an art that helps the customer achieve full, perfectly shaped and deliciously thick eyebrows without much effort. Traditional microblading is performed with little effort and equipment. Now, modern skin care centers have started to follow newly developed methods with the best accessories. Trained professionals use these accessories to draw fine hairs in the eyebrow area.

Each hair is individually marked and carefully drawn

on the eyebrow area, and beautifully drawn perfect eyebrows are drawn in just about two hours. Eyebrow dyeing starts to fade within a few years and you should arrange a maintenance appointment with the artist. Microblading supplies include a waterproof pencil, pen, numbing cream, microblade, pigment inks and more. Removable waterproof pencils are used to mark the shape of the eyebrows, which is adjusted together with the customer.

The artist performing the procedure must be approved by the Ministry of Health, as the procedure can be dangerous if performed by untrained personnel. Knowledge of art is essential!

Blades and pens may only be used once

and must be properly sterilized before use. High-quality deliveries increase customer satisfaction because they make the process easier and smoother.

The artist mixes pigments with the eyebrows and gets exactly the desired shade in the hair color. This color lasts for about 18 months and then the eyebrows are retouched. From the looks of it, he’s becoming as smart as ever. A numbing cream is applied to the client’s skin to support the area before the ink is poured onto the skin. It is applied in such a way that the client does not feel severe discomfort as a result of the cuts made in the epidermal layer of the skin.

Different sets of tips are used to create natural-looking eyebrows of different lengths and thicknesses. Designed hair can be styled straight, curly, thick or thin according to the customer’s needs.

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