What Does The Best Explainer Video look Like? | Some Traits To Know

What makes an explainer video best? A great explainer video tells a story that is short but interesting. The video has some fun factor and also highlight the problem and its solution. The motive of the explainer video is to convey the info or services to the viewer. Creating a good explainer video required time and efficient work. Now the question is what other things need to make a video better. 

In this article, we have collected information that how you could make great Explainer Video Animation. So, let’s go!

Things You Need To Know Before Creating A Good Explainer Video

The things to include in your video advertising and marketing project. How exactly make a video clip appealing? Right here are some pointers.

To begin with, determine what the perfect video clip size is for your platform—as you can see bellows advises:

  • YouTube: 2 minutes
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Facebook: 1 minute
  • Twitter: 45 seconds

Make sure to engage best as well as the process of accessibility is easy.  In addition boost up the SEO via adding captions for auto-play.  And on the landing page video clip is on the mute option.  Videos on touchdown web pages can be extremely reliable but just if they do not frighten audiences away. You’ll likewise want to make sure to maintain your video mobile-friendly across the board.

In order to analyze the result of explainer video clips always check out the metrics. If they are executing well, have look from an SEO point of view.  And also. You can create a typical library of different video clips and keep them arranged on YouTube, then integrate them right into different kinds of web content such as blogs as well as emails.

As well as do not ignore your call-to-action, which on YouTube typically consists of a little note suggesting that individuals subscribe to your network.

What Makes An Animated Explainer Video Fantastic?

For sure explainer videos are a strong and efficient marketing tool for any organization, specifically if you put them online. Yet what makes an explainer video mind-blowing? Below doe mention all the reasons that make a good explainer video perfect. 


  • What’s your point?
  • What are your target objectives?
  • What ways you will use, to achieve your goals with the help of an animated explainer video?

Within the first 8 seconds of the video, the consumers will certainly be able to make a decision. Continue viewing the whole video clip or skip it.  Convince them to purchase the item or services.

A best explainer video animation always connects with the audience quickly. The Video is short but on point.  Suppose some consumer does not understand what your product does yet, they will certainly analyze it. After seeing more first 10 to 15 secs.


Ever since the majority of people assume that when creating sites, it has to be wide. Include all the parts and also attributes to it. It needs lots of text, lots of images, and flashy visuals. But now lots of brands as well as businesses are taking the “minimal” or easy approach with internet material.

Due to this fact attaching explainer video animation with websites is an incredible idea. They are short and also simple to share. An efficient method of driving lots of website traffic to your site or web page.

However, ensure that the target audience is not distracted from seeing the video. And also the message must come across to the visitors. Its goal is to explain your product or concept without being distracted. Keep the animation clip simple as you can. So, the viewer pays even more attention to the overall message of the video clip.


The goal of an Explainer video animation is to clarify a specific service or product. That is why the voice is an important element to do it right. The voice of the narrator must be clear and also understandable. The storytellers talk straightforwardly and have no irrelevant story to tell.  Viewers feel that the storyteller directly talking with them  


The pitch of Explainer videos should be easy to explain and understandable. Every single thing you’re adding in the video makes sense. Demonstrate what your product has to do with and just how it works at the beginning and end of the video. Make sure the pitch of the explainer video is understood by their viewers.  Your goal is to make them break down or explain your product too.

Even if the item is one of the most expensive or familiar to them, ensure to let them recognize every detail of your item and exactly how it works. In this way, they can share with others also what your item is as well as just how it works properly.

Some Recommendations For Explainer Video 

Address your audience’s key points at the very beginning of your video so as to quickly grab their attention. Make sure you use an interesting, clear, and direct voice.

Work on a custom video. This will make a huge difference in terms of engagement and reach. If you customize the characters, landscapes, and backgrounds of your video, it can help create a strong emotional connection with your viewers.