Black & Decker Ultrasonic Air

What is a Black & Decker Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and How Does It Work?

Black & Decker Ultrasonic Air

The Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier is a premium quality humidifier that definitely deserves a place in your home if you want to maintain optimum humidity levels. Being an ultrasonic humidifier, it sports an ergonomic design and has a compact structure that can be easily fitted to tightly spaced compartments. It can be used in any part of your house, like the living room, bedroom, office room, and even your child’s room because of the convenience and safety it provides against evaporative humidifiers.

  • When do you need to use an air humidifier?


  1. Treating health conditions: Humidifiers are used for treating dry air conditions at home and also for curing dry skin and respiratory problems. It helps in curing allergies, clogged noses, dry cough, sinusitis, eye irritation, dryness in the throat, and headache. It is also good for dry lips, skin, and hair.


  1. Use as an air diffuser: Air humidifiers are also used as diffusers like the Black Decker Humidifier which helps in aromatherapy and spreading indoor fragrance that helps in alleviating stress, and anxiety and creating a relaxed environment.


  1. Benefitting the home in dry conditions: If you live in a location that suffers from perpetual dry air conditions, the air humidifier can also help to protect your home. Cold air is dry, so during winters, using a humidifier can help in retaining warmth and save up on electricity consumption by the central heating system. It can maintain the right amount of humidity levels for your indoor plants. Cracking and peeling of wall paint, wallpapers, and coatings can happen due to dry conditions. This can be prevented.


  • How does the Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier work?

  1. The Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier uses an ultrasonic vibration and filter system to produce cool and clean mist at desired levels. The ultrasonic vibration is used to release water droplets into the air; hence it releases mist and not vapor. The filter built inside the humidifier ensures that the released water droplets do not contain any impurities.
  2. Both the direction and intensity of the mist released can be controlled with its adjustable nozzle. You can have 360 degrees of control over the mist output.
  3. The Ultrasonic Black Decker Humidifier produces negligible sound while operating. It has a compact design and has low maintenance needs.
  4. It has a separate tray for fragrances and essences for functioning as a diffuser.
  5. It has a 3-liter capacity. It emits at 250-300 ml/hour.
  6. It has a low water indicator light to act as a reminder to refill the water tank. The water level viewer helps to view how much water is left in the tank.
  7. It is portable. It has a carrying handle to enable it to be carried anywhere around the house.


  • Where does the Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier score above other humidifiers?


  1. Produces negligible sound: Unlike the fans in an evaporating humidifier, The Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier functions almost silently. At the most, it’d produce a gentle humming sound which is soothing even in a quiet room. This makes it ideal for use in the children’s room


  1. It does not generate heat: The mist is produced using ultrasonic vibrations and not boiling the water to make vapors. This maintains the cool temperature of the humidifier and the room without generating extra heat. It uses a safety mechanism.


  1. The water is purified: A concern with ultrasonic humidifiers is the release of impurities with the water droplets. These could be any impure substance or microbial contaminants that could get propelled into the air along with the mist. This humidifier negates that concern with the use of the inbuilt filter that purifies the water before it gets released into the air.


  1. Low maintenance and saves on space: The humidifier has low maintenance, consumes less electricity, and has an ergonomic compact design to fit anywhere easily.


  1. No need of replacing wicks, filters, and evaporating pads: Ultrasonic humidifier needs no replacement of wicks, filters, or evaporating pads, unlike evaporating humidifiers that need regular replacement due to the collection of impurities and mineral salts from the water. Thus it lowers operational and maintenance costs. Needless to mention, reduce hassles as well.


  1. Adjustment of mist levels: Some ultrasonic humidifiers do not have the feature of adjusting the mist released into the air and can cause over-humidification. This Black & Decker ultrasonic air humidifier has a mist control system along with the direction in which the mist is propelled. You can adjust the levels of mist release according to the humidity in the air.


Air humidifiers can be really a boon and are used for many benefits as discussed above. It’s also useful for children and babies from developing breathing problems when the air gets too dry. This Black Decker Humidifier is affordable and user-friendly with low maintenance and operational costs. So go ahead, and invest in one today!