What to do when an Epson printer shows error code?

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Epson printers are globally known for providing top printing services. This brand offers various printer models varying in size and functionality. You can easily get a good Epson printer for your home or office. These printers are easy to set up and use. Epson inkjet printers provide excellent print quality; you can also take printouts of photographs easily. But sometimes the printer starts showing an error code. Epson printers show errors when some of the functions are not working. 

Common reasons behind Epson printer error code

  1. Epson printer services are not working
  2. The printer is unable to find the driver
  3. Your printer is not connected correctly
  4. Cartridge is empty
  5. Epson printer is unable to read a refilled cartridge
  6. The firewall is interrupting the printer’s request
  7. The user is sending an invalid request

How do I get my Epson printer out of error mode?

Power restart the Epson printer

Your printer sometimes stops working when some services are not working. These services get errors due to some runtime issues. The user has to restart all these services. For this, check the Epson printer; ensure that the printer is on. Now check the power cable and remove it. Wait for about 10 seconds and then reconnect the cable to the printer. The Epson printer will start working automatically. All the services of your Epson printer will start running automatically. Go to the connected computer and send a print command. Check your Epson device and take the printouts easily.

Use printer troubleshooter

Epson printers can get error codes when some printer-related files are not working on the PC. The user has to repair those files and then the printer will start working. But repairing those files manually is difficult. You should run the printer troubleshooter tool for repairing the files. Your PC offers an inbuilt utility tool for fixing those files. Go to the computer and then open the Update and Security page. Now choose the troubleshooter and select the Printer option. The printer troubleshooter will start searching for all the files. This tool will repair the corrupted files and then show you a report. Now restart your computer and reconnect to the Epson device. 

Recheck the Epson printer driver

Epson printers need a driver to communicate with the computer. This driver is a bridge that sends the print command from the PC to the printer. Every printer model has a different driver. The printer shows an error when it can’t find the required driver. You have to check whether your PC has the correct driver or not. Go to the computer and open the drivers’ folder. Check for your Epson driver printer. If you have installed the wrong driver then remove it. Now search for the correct printer driver. Install it on the computer and now reconnect the printer. Your printer will search for the driver on the connected device. Once the printer finds the driver, it will start taking print commands.

Try reconnecting your printer 

Sometimes the printer can get disconnected automatically. You should try connecting the printer to the device. If you are connecting the Epson printer to a PC, use the USB cord. It is easy to connect and offers excellent printing speed. Check the ends of the cable for any fault. If your cable seems faulty or loose, use another cable. For wireless printer connection, you should check the router. Check whether other devices are connecting to the router or not. Restart the router and then enable the WPS pin. On the Epson printer, check the screen. You will see a list of SSIDs. Select the SSID of your network and check the Wi-Fi lamp. After the connection, Wi-Fi will become steady. Now go to the connected device and try to take your printouts.

Get new cartridge

The printer gets an error state when the cartridge is empty. Go to your Epson printer and check the cartridge’s ink status. If the ink is empty or low. You have to install a new cartridge on the printer. Only get an original cartridge for your printer. Sometimes the user gets a clone cartridge for the printer. But these cartridges start showing errors sometimes. You should only use the original cartridge for your Epson device. If the original cartridge seems costly then you can refill your empty cartridge. Get good quality ink for the cartridge and then refill it carefully. Reinstall the refilled cartridge and now take your printouts.

Remove and reinstall all cartridges on the printer

Sometimes the Epson device gets an error when the printer is unable to read the refilled cartridges. After refilling the cartridge, the printer still shows empty status. To fix this error, you have to reinstall all the cartridges from the printer. Go to the printer and then remove all the installed cartridges. Now take the refilled cartridge and install it in another slot. Check whether the slot status changes or not. Now eject the refilled cartridge from the wrong slot. Start installing all the cartridges to the correct slot one by one. Your printer will read the refilled cartridge and now you can take the printouts.

Reset the Epson printer to factory settings

Many times the user gets errors when he makes some changes to the printer settings. To fix the error code, you have to undo those changes. If you can’t undo the changes then use the factory setup button. Check the rear side of the printer for the reset button. Press the button for a few settings and the printer lamp will start blinking. Now press the power button of the printer and reconnect it to the PC for taking printouts. 

Inspect the firewall on the network

On the network, printers can get errors due to the firewall. Your firewall checks all the traffic and connection requests on the network. Sometimes the firewall suspects the Epson printer connection request as suspicious and blocks it. To connect your printer, you have to disable the firewall. Disable the firewall of your network temporarily and now connect the printer. In case you need the printer often then add it as a trusted device. After adding the device, your firewall won’t block the connection request. 

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