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What to look during Home Inspection in Brantford ON

Before making an offer on a home, nearly all real estate experts recommend thorough inspections. Home inspections Brantford ON protect you from unexpected repairs and costs after the move. If problems are found during a pre-sale inspection, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to fix the problems before closing or incorporate the cost of the repairs into the offer. By assuring the buyer that they are getting the best home for their money, home inspections are an invaluable resource in the home buying process. In most cases, home inspections look at several factors inside and outside the home. Let’s start with the home exterior’s six most critical inspection issues.



The most important thing to check on the foundation is for cracks. If you notice cracks or irregularities in the foundation, further inspection may be required to verify the integrity of the construction.


When inspecting your roof, you must first determine if there are any leaks. If the roof isn’t leaking, a proper inspection will attempt to determine if the top has any defects that could cause future leaks. During the review, it is also essential to notice if any large trees are overhanging the house. Wet leaves of such trees can sometimes cause severe problems for homeowners.


The most important thing to consider is how the house sits on the property. To ensure proper drainage and prevent flooding of the home, the surrounding land should slope away from the house with 6 to 8 inches of concrete foundation showing. Also, all gutters and drainpipes should slope away from home.

Windows and doors

In addition to looking for broken glass, a window check should cover many factors. Ideally, all windows should open and close properly with a good seal, be free of rot around the window frames, and have all screens intact. Similarly, any doors that open outward must open and close properly with a good seal to avoid extra heating and cooling costs.

Siding, trim, gutters, and paint

Inspecting the exterior trim or paint should check for bubbles or flaking. Additionally, all exterior fixtures that do not affect the structural integrity, such as ornamental mouldings and gutters, should be inspected for general condition. Decks and Porch – If the home has a deck or porch, the inspection will attempt to discover the presence of rot or insect damage.

We will now look at six factors that should be carefully inspected inside the home.

Walls, floors and ceilings

All walls, floors, and ceilings within the home should be checked for water damage, usually as mould or other stains or signs of insects or pests. Particular attention should be paid to areas near plumbing fixtures for mould and water damage, while cracks or cracks in exterior walls should be checked for insects. Finally, you should check the general condition of all wall and floor surfaces, such as paint, plaster, hardwood floors, tiled bathrooms, and carpets.


Home inspections Brantford ON typically run a dishwasher cycle and check all oven and range functions. If the home is being sold with a complete set of appliances, it’s a good idea to check the operation of refrigerators, washers, dryers, and microwaves.

Electrical, thermal and refrigeration systems

These home infrastructure inspections are some of the most revealing assessments of a property’s quality and, by extension, value. An electrical inspection will usually test all outlets, light fixtures, and circuit breakers. If it’s an older home, an assessment should look for updated features, such as ground fault interrupt (GFI) outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Inspectors typically test the furnace, review the thermostat response, and evaluate the home’s overall ventilation when checking heating and cooling systems.


The plumbing system inspection begins with a leak check around all fixtures and pipes. Next, the hot and cold water pressure should be tested by opening several faucets. The areas around each tub and shower should be inspected for water damage in bathrooms. Finally, try to make sure that your water heater is up to standard and working correctly.


If your home has a basement, the most important thing to check is for water damage. A basement inspection is primarily an extension of the previously mentioned inspection of walls, floors, and ceilings.


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