What was the reason for Tiktok ban?

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A few government offices and private organizations have endeavored to boycott or force limitations on the virtual entertainment administration TikTok. Nations, for example, India and the United States have communicated worries about the application’s proprietorship by Chinese organization, ByteDance, endeavoring to restrict it from the App Store. Nations, for example, Indonesia and Bangladesh have prohibited it in view of worries connected with sexual entertainment, while different nations, for example, Armenia and Azerbaijan have executed limitations to decrease the spread of data that could prompt struggle. To know more about such apps, visit howtat.


2019 boycott

On 3 April 2019, the Madras High Court, hearing a PIL, requested that the Indian government boycott the application, saying it “supports sexual entertainment” and shows “improper substance”. The court additionally said that kids and minors utilizing the application were in danger of being designated by sexual stalkers. The court additionally asked the telecom media not to communicate any of these recordings from the application. A TikTok representative said that they are following nearby regulations and anticipating a duplicate of the court request prior to making a move. On April 17, both Google and Apple eliminated TikTok from Google Play and the App Store. As the court declined to rethink the boycott, the organization said they eliminated in excess of 6 million recordings that abused their substance strategy and rules.

On 25 April 2019, the boycott was lifted after the Madras High Court turned around its structure, following an appeal by TikTok designer ByteDance Technology. In an authority media proclamation, TikTok said, “We are focused on ceaselessly upgrading our security highlights as a declaration to our obligation to our clients in India.” India’s TikTok boycott could cost the application 15 million new clients. If it is not banned in your country, then you should be aware of how to increase views on tiktok.


2020 boycott

On 29 June 2020, TikTok, alongside 58 other Chinese-made applications, was prohibited in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, expressing that they are “India’s power and respectability, India’s protection, security”. were hurtful to the state and public request”. The boycott was in light of a tactical struggle among Indian and Chinese soldiers in the contested area along their common line among Ladakh and western China. After a prior conflict in 2017 between multitudes of the world’s two most crowded nations, the Indian military requested that its soldiers eliminate many Chinese applications from their hardware over public safety concerns. Applications like Weibo, UC Browser, and Shareit are among the applications taken out at that point and have now been prohibited through and through.

Biden Administration

On 9 June 2021, the Biden organization gave Executive Order 14034, “Shielding the Sensitive Data of Americans from Foreign Adversaries” (“EO 14034”). EO 14034 turns around three leader orders endorsed by previous President Donald Trump; Executive Order 13942, Executive Order 13943 and Executive Order 13971. Notwithstanding these chief orders presently being revoked, the Biden organization’s EO 14304 requires extra government offices to proceed with a thorough audit of unfamiliar possessed applications that are ready to advise the president ceaselessly. The gamble that applications present to individual information and public safety.



On 3 July 2018, TikTok was briefly restricted in Indonesia after the Indonesian government blamed it for advancing “vulgar writing, improper substance and impiety”. Indonesia’s Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantra said, “The application contains a ton of negative and unsafe substance, particularly for youngsters,” and added that “when TikTok can promise us that they can keep up with clean happy, it will again can be opened.” TikTok answered rapidly, encouraging to include 20 workers for editing TikTok content in Indonesia, and the boycott was lifted 8 days after the fact.



In November 2018, the Bangladeshi government obstructed Internet admittance to the TikTok application as a feature of Bangladesh’s crackdown on eliminating sexual entertainment and betting destinations.

In August 2020, the Bangladesh government mentioned that TikTok eliminate 10 recordings from the stage that were transferred from the country. Bangladesh’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications said, “TikTok specialists have let the public authority know that they will eliminate the “shocking” recordings transferred from Bangladesh. Thus, the Bangladeshi government lifted the TikTok boycott.


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