Which Software is better, Centricity EMR Vs. Cerner?

EMRs are essential for clinicians and healthcare providers to be able to manage large numbers of patients, streamline workflows and reduce their workload. A good EMR can also be used to track patients. Which software program to choose: Cerner vs. Centricity EMR? While the features of both programs are similar, there may be significant differences. This article will help you choose the right EMR for your company.


What is Cerner EMR?

Cerner EMR is an electronic medical record platform that belongs to a group of unified electronic health records (EHR) as well as clinical solutions for small and large practices. This tool simplifies the workflow for nurses and physicians, lowers costs, and improves patient safety. Cerner- PowerChart Ambulatory EMR provides powerful tools and features for physicians, healthcare providers, as well as organizations that provide ambulatory services. Cerner EMR provides onsite and remote hosting for enhanced coordination and documentation. This allows healthcare providers to access clinical information to help them make informed decisions regarding patient safety. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory is a communication tool that empowers patients to communicate with their doctors and providers. Cerner’s PowerChart Ambulatory EHR meets HIPAA compliance. This tool offers the following features:
  • Dynamic Clinical Documentation Tools
  • Auto-Texting
  • Quick-Select Charting
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Education Resources
  • Detailed Scheduling Dashboard

Overview of Cerner EMR Benefits:

This software allows users to transfer chart information automatically into different sections of a patient’s health record. It supports many input methods, including voice recognition, code words, free text, structured and structured. The auto-texting function of the electronic medical records system is another notable feature in dynamic documentation. It allows users to pull up and call back pre-completed information using triggers. Triggers are codes. This auto-texting feature helps to reduce the administrative burden and paperwork. Cerner EMR supports third-party integration. This allows for quick processing of prescription refills. It also allows users to connect with specific pharmacies and other pharmacies depending on the patient’s preference. It supports integration with labs. This allows for fast sending and receiving lab results, and enhances coordination between facilities and providers. Cerner EMR patient portal allows providers and patients to communicate. This portal allows patients and providers to communicate securely through Cerner EMR. However, some customers are not satisfied with the app updates and repetitive clicking.

Customer Care:

Cerner EMR offers customer support via email, phone, and live help.

Why Centricity EMR?

Centricity EMR provides software that medical institutions can use to integrate with existing practice management systems. Health care providers have the option of scaling their solution to fit into a clinic or hospital’s existing systems. Centricity EMR offers a host of features that help healthcare organizations reduce costs, improve care, and streamline patient management and workflow. Hosting by Centricity EMR ensures compliance with HIPAA and secures customer data. Centricity EMR offers the following features:
  • Patient Information Overview
  • One-Click Problem Entry
  • ICD-9 & 10 Code Predictive Search
  • Automatic Code Mapping
  • Customizable Templates
  • Quick Text
  • Dictation
  • Workflow Automation
  • E-Prescribing
  • Quality Dashboard
  • Clinical Quality Reporting
  • Pre-Built Meaningful Use Forms
  • Embedded Checklist
  • Meaningful Use Consulting Services
  • Online Patient Portal

Collaboration Tools

Reporting Functions

Overview of Centricity EMR benefits: The Centricity EMR Swifter data entry features make it easier to record patient encounters and perform other data entry tasks. The software supports dictation and code mapping. Physicians don’t need to manually search for codes. Centricity EMR allows both providers and non-providers access to a record at the same time and has their inputs and updates displayed on their combined screens. This tool reduces the time required to edit and update records. E-Prescribing allows physicians to save time prescribing online medications to patients. Centricity Care EMR has a Quality Care dashboard. This allows doctors to compare their services to industry standards in order to ensure they are providing the best possible care to their patients. Patients can access their medical records online and connect to their doctors. Doctors can also educate patients through the online portal by sending them information about their illnesses and reminding them to make their appointments. Third-party interfaces The Centricity EMR Third Party Interfaces allows you to connect to other medical practice interfaces. This will allow providers and other users to create an EMR that is compatible with their existing programs. Centricity EMR mobile software has many features that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. But, customers have complained that the system doesn’t offer an auto-verify option and lacks robust reporting tools. Customer care: Centricity EMR offers customer support via live help, telephone training, and ticketing. Which pricing model does each one offer? Cerner EMR vs. Centricity EMR Prices for Cerner EHR and Centricity EMR are not available as both companies offer pricing models upon request. Both software pricing models are based on a monthly subscription, according to user reviews. Which system should you choose? Final Thought. Final Thought. Cerner and Centricity, two EMRs on the market, are very similar. They are used by hospitals and practices in many ways and offer almost identical customer support. Each system has its pros and cons. However, ultimately, it comes down to the healthcare providers and their clinical needs. Cerner might be the best option if your organization is looking for a system that concentrates on a specific specialty. Centricity may be the right choice for your organization if you want more flexibility in scheduling

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