Why Are Pop-Up Stands So In Vogue?

When you visit your next trade event or exhibition, take an interest in the various displays. Most likely, most of them are made from pop-up displays.

Pop-up stands are basically an encapsulated backwall display. They’re designed to assist your business stand out at trade shows, events, and exhibitions by increasing your presence.

They’re portable, simple to put together and display your personalised graphic or brand with sizes that go up to 5m in width.

Pop Up Stands are the most popular display option for events over the last 20 years. There are many reasons they’re the most sought-after display options available.



Pop-up stands provide excellent value in terms of value. They provide a top-quality practical display that comes with everything you require for an effective exhibition stand at only a fraction of the cost of the various display systems available in the market.

Pop Up Displays can be made modular, allowing the user to add or remove sections depending on your exhibit size and needs. You can create huge modular displays by linking multiple pop-up displays together or use each one as a separate backdrop.

Simple To Update Easy To Update

Instead of replacing your entire display each time you need to update your brand, you can just order new graphics whenever you’re ready to update your message.

The new Exhibition Counters are connected to your frame similarly, allowing you to change your logo each time you present.

Exhibition Counters

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Seamless Finish

Pop up stands are made to provide a seamless backdrop for your exhibit stand whether it is freestanding or in the shell scheme. The panels are made by hand and precisely and perfectly aligned with the magnetic bars that keep them in place.

Quick & Easy Assembly 

They can be build and dismantle in a matter of minutes, without the necessity of tools or contractors.

Instructions for assembly are included in the wheeled case that comes on every pop-up stand. There is also a video on how to put together a pop up stand in a video.

All Included 

Our pop up display stands are offer as a kit with graphic prints frames, an LED light set and a storage/transportation case with a beech top and graphic wrap that transforms an ordinary hardcase to a podium, with branding space.

The case that has be convert can be use as an exhibit counter or as a welcoming area for guests to your exhibit stand.


Every one of our pop up stands comes with a solid wheeled, wheeled case. The entire kit can fold to the case for transportation and storage. Additionally, the case itself is inside the car’s boot and no rental van is need. If you don’t require any heavy lifting, just lower the case, then wheel it away.

Different Styles Available 

Pop-ups are a versatile product since they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Pick from straight or curving pop up stands with either double or single-sided designs as well as linking several pop up stands to make larger displays.

What Are Pop-Up Stand Sizes Effective?

Pop up stands are according to the size of the stand they are. For instance 3×1 3, 3×2,3×3, or 3×5. Pop up stands are divide into sections of boxes, for instance, 3×2 is 3 boxes in the upper and 2 boxes across. 4×4 refers to 4 boxes high and 4 across.

These codes don’t mean that the dimensions are in meters, as one might believe. For instance the dimensions of the most popular 3×3 pop-up stand (that’s three boxes in the middle and 3 boxes down) are actually 2250mm tall (2.5m) and 2700mm in width (2.7m).

The footprint of a pop-up stand is generally small for a pop-up stand, which is crucial in the planning of an event space.

The floor space itself is expensive and you shouldn’t use up too much valuable floor space for your display. The straight and curly pop-up displays do differ in size, but they are basically identical sizes.

How are Pop Up Stands Created?

Each of our pop-up stands are in the UK at our factory locate in Peterborough. The graphic panels use for our pop-up stands are create of 100% polyester stoplight media that is free of PVC. They are print in-house according to the exact specifications of our experience printing team.

We procure the top-quality genuine Quick Plus aluminium frames from UK suppliers. We create the graphic panels and then finish them on-site prior to sending the order.

We constantly monitor our printing and hardware quality to make sure our clients receive the highest quality pop-up displays they can get.

What Are The Advantages Of Pop-Up Displays?

Exhibition Counters

Image Sources : VC Print UK

Since the pandemic struck individuals have begun to look into starting businesses. The statistics show that by 2021 there will be 4.3 million startups in America.

If you’re a newly-established business, it is essential to promote your brand. One method to accomplish this is to set up pop-up display displays at trade exhibitions.

Are you pondering the advantages of an open-air display? Check out this guide on display to learn more!

Pop Up Display Benefits

The primary benefit of portable displays is that they draw people’s attention. They can display amazing and innovative designs that impress potential buyers.

Additionally, by using pop-up displays you can let them know the message of your company. Beyond that, here are the other benefits of pop-up displays

They’re Portable

Pop-up displays are mobile and light. They can be useful for exhibitions and trade shows.

The majority of them fold, making them easy to move. Pop-ups are available to put up in small areas. The great part is that they can be up by you.


The pop-up display is durable and will last for a long period of time. They are a great purchase because they’re adaptable and flexible. It lets you change the graphics panels you want to.


Unlike digital displays, using pop-up displays costs less. They’re less expensive, but they provide the same benefits, and can make your company stand out. Because they are portable, it can help cut costs for transportation and operations.

Pop-Up Display Tips

To make sure your pop-up displays will last for a long time ensure that they are store in adequate storage. Graphic panels are susceptible to damage and need to be store in a container.

A straight pop-up display works best for smaller spaces. Curved displays turn inwards and are great for events and exhibitions.

Make sure it’s not blurry as it could harm the display. Lighting can make your booth more attractive. It lets you showcase your brand and product and also your brand.


The last advantage of a pop-up banner stand is the longevity. Contrary to TV ads or newspaper advertisements, radio ads, or even a flyer, which often have a limit shelf time, a pop-up stand is able to be use again and over.

If the message is accurate and does not contain an exact date or time on it, you are able to use the same pop-up stand time and time again and get great price for your money with this relatively inexpensive platform.

It is generally worthwhile to invest in a generic pop-up stand which promotes your brand and displays your website as well as other contact information. The stand can be use for as for as long as you’d like.

Pop-up banner stands guarantee that you will make an impact regardless of whether you’re at an event or trade show, or at your home premises.

Utilise Pop-up Displays Now!

A pop-up display is an excellent option for your next event. It makes a lasting impression on your company and helps make organising for exhibitions much easier.

Displays like these are perfect for companies that are just starting out because they are able to complete their work with no additional cost. If you have secured a space to exhibit you should think about a pop-up display.



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