Career in Data Science

Why Pursue a Career in Data Science in 2022?

The demand for data scientists won’t fade away soon. Why is this happening? What’s driving such a surge in demand? Data science is a new and developing field that requires computer skills with analytical abilities and knowledge of statistics. A career in data science enables the student to apply for education, work experience, and skills to harness information from collected sources. This has led to suggest that today; data science professionals are well poised for success.

Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Science

  1. Growing Demand

Data science is a rapidly growing field, and it is considered one of the most in-demand filed from the past, and there is no s of slowing it down. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 27.9% growth in data science till 2026. On the other hand, LinkedIn reported a shortage of 151000 data scientists across the USA.

Many multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook depend on data-driven decision-making. Even other companies can’t survive without adopting a data-driven approach to their business and advancing it to the next level. While other careers like programming and web development have already become part of the curriculum of the traditional education system in data science, it is not the same.

There is a massive gap between the worth and prevalence of data science in a global world and daily community operations. It is just the beginning to change significantly in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It has not reached critical mass yet, so the requirement for data scientists seems to be greater than experienced data scientists in the market.

  1. Fuel for 21st Century

In the past century, oil has been considered ‘black gold. But with the industrial revolution and growth, its value is degraded due to gradual exhaustion and resorting to an alternative renewable energy source.

Now, in the 21st century, the new driving force of industries is behind data. Even automobile industries are using data to impart autonomy and improve the safety of vehicles. The purpose is to create a powerful machine that thinks in the form of data. Many business industries are using data to improve their performance, make a business grow, and better products to the customers.

  1. Enables to understand World Around You

Data science is a crucial tool and enables you to understand the world around you in a better way. We can observe many things in the world but don’t understand them. But data science helps us keep by providing context that can use to produce insights. Data science is crucial for making predictions which helps make cause and effect relationships between variables.

Data science seeks to answer questions about why things happen and how it influences each other by existing experience and applying them to new situations. For instance, if your business is growing over time due to a marketing campaign, but this time your company does not achieve what they want, then you need data science tools to evaluate what caused this drop-off. So, it helps your business to take the necessary steps to re-create your success from last year.

  1. Plethora Job Opportunities

A data scientist can find various job opportunities in different business areas, including but not limited to healthcare, IT, and security. A data scientist has multiple options and responsibilities which differ from person to person. An individual can work as a data scientist, engineer, or manager. Thus, it entirely depends on their skills and interest. The data scientist has become a popular choice in today’s data-driven world.

Data science is rapidly becoming one of the best career options for people, and organizations are actively looking for data scientists. Data Science Certifications will enhance your core knowledge and offer industry-required abilities. However, the ongoing demand for data scientist professionals will not arise in the private sector but also government companies. The job opportunities in a data science career are positive.

  1. Attractive Pay

The salary of a data scientist varies not just by work but also by age and job. There are other sectors and work locations that pay workers more than colleagues. Data scientists, however, typically get paid well for their jobs. They play an essential part in the creation of brands as well as the growth of companies. Different data analysis techniques are employed to generate value. Due to the improved analytical skills gained by a degree in data science, the individual will be more valuable to the company and be paid a higher salary.


It’s the perfect moment to consider pursuing a career in Data Science. With the explosion in machine learning and big data, there are many opportunities for you to study the different roles available in Data Science. There are many educational opportunities for free and increase your knowledge base.