Your Pets Deserve a Better Place to Play, With Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are handy, that is if you know what to do with them. You may get some packing boxes that store a product that you have brought. Rather than throwing these away and creating pollution, you can use them creatively. You can even look for cheap cardboard boxes to use to make exciting things for your pets. Continue reading on to find out more.

Comfortable Pet Bed

Your pets deserve to have a comfortable and lovely place to stay. With the help of corrugated boxes, you can make your pet a bed. Corrugated cardboard is a good material, as this is strong. Find one that is the correct size for your pet. You can use some old bed pillows to make a pad to place inside the box. Towels can be folded up for this as well. 

If you are using a cardboard box with handles or one with flaps, cut these off. Cut down the front area of the box to make the entrance. Carefully mark the center area to the bottom of your selected side which will be the front. A straight line can be drawn from every corner going to the center point, forming a triangle. A straight line can be drawn across the triangle, allowing the opening to be wide enough for the pet to go through. 

A box cutter may be used to cut out the opening. To make the bed look attractive, you will make some patterns on the outside. If you are using printed cardboard boxes you should cut out different patterns and paste these on the printing on cardboard boxes.

Pet House

You can make an exciting and fun house for your pet by using cardboard packaging boxes wholesale. You will need to get good cardboard for this. Look for cardboard boxes for sale that can be used. It should be according to the size of your pet. It must be big enough to comfortably accommodate the pet.  You will also need to get colors or wallpaper, a scale, a strong net, scissors, and some tape or glue. Make the house roomy enough so that your pet can play in it comfortably. Take measurements for this. Cut 4 square pieces. These will be the walls of the house. Cut two more that are equally wide as well as big to make the roof. 

Now get all four pieces that are for the wall then tape the flanks to one another. Tape them from the inside. You can use duct tape for this. A square box will be formed with no roof or floor. Get those two sheets that you cut for its roof then bring these together developing a triangle. Tape the roof. Do this from the inside. Use duct tape. The initial shape of the house will be made. You can make windows and doors. Two big triangular holes will be present where the front, as well as rear walls, will meet the roof. The tape can be used to paste your net allowing there to be a window. 

The door can be drawn on the front wall. Scissors should be used to make it. Paint the walls as well as the roof. You may even use wallpaper. Different cardboard boxes can be used to make things for your pets. Printable cardboard cd sleeves can be colored and used by the pet to play. Small round cardboard boxes with lids, lightweight cardboard boxes, and boxes wholesale may be used instead of throwing these away. If you do not have boxes lying around, look for where can I buy packaging boxes that you can use.

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