Advanced Mobile App Development: Best IDEs for Android [2022]

Advanced Mobile App Development: Best IDEs for Android [2022]

Technology is redefining the world with its cutting-edge approach to making things more accessible. The world has gone digital, and every industry incorporates technology into its business. With technological advancement, gaining the highest user engagement has become simple. And when it comes to user engagement, there is nothing better than a mobile application. 

Whether you are from the healthcare field or the finance industry, a mobile app is what you need for business growth. While every industry expert is investing in mobile app development, advancing an existing app is another critical point. Since the world is running on technology, using the trendiest tools for app development ensures success. 

As Android covers approx. 71% of the mobile operating system market share worldwide, making futuristic applications is necessary. The top mobile app development company Dubai believes that the latest features effectively hit the target audience. Thus you must look for the advanced technologies that an app development company incorporates into your business app. And you can experience the highest rate of return. 

So, here are some of the best IDEs for Android app development in 2022. Read along!

Top IDEs for Android App Development in 2022

Android Studio

There couldn’t be any smarter code editor than Android Studio. It offers built-in support for Google Cloud and an emulator for Android versions and devices. With this IDE, developing an Android app is a piece of cake. Moreover, this IDE has an interface on all devices except the phone, be it tablets, television, clock, or any other device. 

In addition, predesigned templates and GitHub integration are one of the best features of this IDE that makes development easy. Also, it gives UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram support. So, by contacting any app development company, you can create your Android app with top-notch features.

Visual Studio with Xamarian 

This IDE enables you to create Android, iOS, and Windows apps using the single shared .NET codebase. Also, it facilitates to development of Native Android apps with C#, shared C# logic, and UI code. 

Visual Studio Xamarin makes it easy to develop apps without Java, Objective C, and Swift. Instead, you must know C#, and you can build an app. 

As an open-source platform, Xamarin allows you to build modern applications for iOS, .NET, Android, and Windows operating systems. Moreover, even the changes can appear instantly on connected devices during the development of adaptive and responsive applications


Eclipse is a free IDE. However, it was built for Java programming language only; C/C++, Python, Perl, Cobol, and PHP support has been extended. Eclipse is the apt IDE for mobile app development for more customization in a large app development project. Also, its auto doc features, dark mode, and inbuilt console make it the first choice for any app development company to create an app. 

Its simple and clean interface makes this IDE lightweight in terms of consuming processors. Above all, it gives various plugins to create a plugin development environment.


Developed by Adobe, Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap, is a cross-platform IDE. This open-source tool is the right fit for Android app development. It allows app development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, it supports in-app purchase features for a mobile application. 

With slightly advanced technical knowledge, Android app deployment is possible on any mobile platform. Moreover, with the installation of Android Studio, you can publish your Android mobile application seamlessly. 

IntelliJ Idea

IntelliJ IDEA is a JetBrain IDE that contains an exemplary interface, allowing mobile app development for all types of businesses. It supports Java, Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala frameworks to create Android applications. 

Many top mobile app development companies in Dubai use this IDE for app development. However, when it comes to developing an adaptive and responsive app, IntelliJ IDEA is the best choice. This is because it has robust integrated tools that support JavaScript and other similar technologies for app development. 

This IDE aims to deliver highly intuitive code assistance that replaces popular programming languages like Python, SQL, Go, Ruby, and PHP. 

So which IDE is the best fit for your Android development project?

Since you know the top IDEs for Android app development, Android Studio is the most efficient and fastest tool. However, it entirely depends on the requirements and features that you want in your app; contacting any app development company would be the right decision. When an experienced mobile app development company handles your project, it brings out the best. So, don’t waste time, initiate your app development, and build your dream app now. 


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