IT Consulting Companies

Top IT Consulting Companies In Dallas In 2022

IT Consulting Companies

Whether the company is a startup or established, going online is a terrific decision. However, when the firm transitions to digital transformation, challenges arise. Any company that wants to implement digital transformation will have challenges. Thus, hiring IT consulting services will be advantageous for your business.

IT consulting firms assist in creating a company’s roadmap and examine the application of various technologies, such as robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (RPA).

The top IT Consulting Companies in Dallas or New York City(NYC) that offer excellent services globally are listed below.

1. RisingMax

RisingMax is kept at the top of the list for a reason. The organization offers worldwide solutions for any business, including small businesses, new ventures, and large industries. The company employs more than 400 people, including seasoned programmers, project managers, developers, and other top-notch specialists. They deliver exceptional service to their clientele, as seen by their 75% retention rate.

Reviews from clients make up a more significant portion of the success narrative. While reading through their client testimonials on the internet, we saw nothing unfavorable. We also learned that the company’s post-launch service is commendable from the reviews. I will continue to lead the business as New York’s top consultant.

2. Ascendix Technologies

Ascendix Technologies has helped well-known brands worldwide advance their CRM consulting requirements. It is a Dallas-based company, was establish to assist brands in being their most delicate, user-friendly selves.

They offer their client a targeted service that is still being supplied when they wanted a more effective and efficient strategy for achieving targets across the country. To be more effective in a congested digital market, their method involves enhancing their client’s distinctive voice and visual image.

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3. Unique Software Development

Unique Software Development finds solutions to challenging situations by grasping fundamental issues that are compatible with a client’s brand, strategy, and campaign goals. The group assists clients worldwide by utilizing their big data consulting, online, software, and app development skills.

Unique Software Development was retaine to increase warehouse transportation data’s effectiveness. The MODE Transportation Application uses cutting-edge machine learning to estimate each carrier’s availability concerning a load, assisting dispatchers in improving their margin and customer satisfaction.

4. Exelegent

Exelegent is using its cutting-edge technology and teamwork to raise the bar for other businesses. It offers a limitless array of services, frequently why business executives see it as one of the most expert IT consulting companies in NYC.

Data management, cybersecurity evaluation, monitored security services, healthcare automation, professional administrations, Windows virtual desktop, digital workplace, compliance review, and other services are include in the list of offerings. More than 200 committed employees provide their all for the clients.

To offer its customers the best administration, the company teams up with titans like Microsoft, RingCentral, AWS, Sophos, Mimecast, Cisco, and Vonage. It makes plans to provide clients with enterprise-level security and has been an eight-time Microsoft Gold Partner.


HeavyTask has an incredibly long number of clients, including companies like Keane Landscaping.

Enables brands by consulting with and developing their Salesforce Feedback Management. This American company, which was found on design-first principles, has an emphasis on assisting brands in bringing about change.

One instance of HeavyTask’s expertise is their work with Bola, a reputable brand internationally. They completely reevaluated their strategy with the aid of HeavyTask to target their audience of potential clients. This resulted in substantial involvement and an increase in their perceived authority.

A Conclusion

You may take advantage of advancements by selecting a cost-effective arrangement to strengthen your IT framework. I hope the information on this list of New York-based IT consulting firms has helped you decide which Dallas-based firms to rely on. Hiring the best IT consulting company can save you time and money and increase productivity.