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In the introduction, the Burj Khalifa was designed by a group headed by Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, the company that designed the Sears Tower in Chicago. Although the concept was inspired by Tower Palace III, the core that forms the Burj Khalifa features all vertical transport, except staircases to exit the wing. The structure also has a cladding system that is designed to stand up to the heat of summer in Dubai. 

It contains eight lifts and 57 escalators. In March 1996, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia beat their predecessor, the Sears Tower’s record for the highest office structure anywhere in the world. The 73.5m (241 ft) tall stainless steel spire that was atop the tall 88-story towers increased their height to 451.9m (1,482). Then, in 2003, Taiwan’s Taipei 101 (also called Taiwan Financial Center) took the title with an impressive height that was 508 meters(1,666 ft). 

Exactly one year later, construction started on Burj Khalifa. It was planned to be part of a 2.25 km (490 acres) major construction project located in the United Arab Emirates called Downtown Dubai located at the First Interchange’ in Dubai’s central business district. The sprawling site was designed with Emaar Properties as well as architects Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP, led by famous American architectural firm Adrian Smith. Reaching an elevation of 828 m(2,716 feet 6 in), this new tower will become known as a “vertical city” and will soon become an emblem of the contemporary world.

Construction and design:- 

All over the world, people were seeking out the possibility to construct such a tall building. That was the time when the turret was constructed ‘just’ 518m higher than Taipei with a height of 10 meters tall. It grew in the process of designing to around 315 meters which is about the height of its predecessor, the Eiffel Tower in France. Construction began on the 21st of September 2004 and the exterior finished on October 1, 2009. The more tall the structure will be, the greater the impact of the weather. 

The neo-futuristic-style Burj Khalifa was designed with an intricate Y-shaped cross-section to lessen the force from winds. Everything concerning the tower is exceptional and it includes a staggering number of people. There were more than 12,000 workers from across the world. Who was involved in the construction of Burj Khalifa? About 266,000 glass pieces were utilized as the building’s exterior cladding which hotels, offices, and residential use. 

It takes approximately three months to cleanse the entire structure from top to bottom! The impressive building officially opened on 4 January 2010 and was declared the tallest structure on the planet. Announcing the record, Talal Omar, the UAE Country Manager of Guinness World Records said, “It’s a stunning building that has the most distinctive design”.


At 828 meters (2,716ft 6 in), the turret is more than twice the height of the Empire State Building and almost three times the size of the Eiffel Tower. To confirm the Burj as the world’s tallest building, Guinness World Records also confirmed several other lofty achievements for the ground-breaking structure. 

To name a few, it has the longest elevator (504 m;1,654 ft)in a building, which can boast the most floors in a building (163), and the tallest restaurant (441.3 m; 1,447ft 10 in) above ground level. One of the most impressive features of the turret is the 555.7m (1,823ft 1.9 in) high observation deck. It was previously the tallest in the world until the opening of China’s 632-meter (2,073-ft) Shanghai Tower at 561.3 meters. 1.8411ft) in 2015. 

On New year’s Eve, 2015, Dubai’s most well-known landmark held a stunning show that featured the 828-meter (2,716-ft 6-in) Fireworks released from each side (and above) of the skyscraper. In under 10 minutes, 1.6 tonnes (3,527 Ib) of fireworks were released. And a record was established for the most spectacular fireworks display in a building. The impressive structure also served as the venue for several other records, including the highest base jump ever from a building, as well as the fastest time (2 hours, 20 minutes, 38 seconds) to climb the Burj Khalifa using a bicycle.

Experiences to enjoy and Burj Khalifa Tickets: For a truly memorable experience, guests can dine in the restaurant and lounge on the 122nd level, or enjoy new heights at the Lounge, which is situated on three floors, making it the tallest.Lounge anywhere on the planet. The huge structure is built on the abstracted Hymenocallis flower and is comprised of three parts that form the central core. 

Viewed from above, it is an onion-dome pattern that is often seen in much of Islamic architecture. Around the central portion of the tower, you’ll discover a bustling hub of entertainment and food, the Dubai Mall and the musically choreographed Dubai Fountain, and a plethora of tourist attractions that will keep you and the crowds of admirers busy. 

At the top, tickets to the Burj Khalifa start at just AED159. During your visit, you’ll be able to enjoy fascinating experiences, such as the three-course set menu, which includes access to the rooftop starting at AED259 at the Turret Club and The Fountain Tour from AED20-which also provides stunning perspectives of the turret. Caliph is also open at night. Visit their official website to find all information on prices and to book your tickets soon. You are also able to purchase tickets for the observation deck located on the premises.

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